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11 Unique Things To Do This Halloween In Vancouver If You Don't Want To Go Clubbing

Halloween is an awesome time of year! You get to dress up, have a legit excuse to eat copious amounts of candy, and the parties are always lit.

But sometimes, not gonna lie, the parties can start to get a little old. And there's always that one friend that gets way to wasted, starts puking up all over her Kylie Jenner costume (ie. what she looks like every Friday night), and you always end up taking care of her.

This year, skip paying cover and having to take care of that one friend. Instead, hit up on of these awesome places to go to and things to do for Halloween in Vancouver. #Halloween2016 is gonna be tight.

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1. Take cute photos for the gram at a Pumpkin Patch

You know you live for the gram. Amongst all the photogenic places to take pictures in Vancouver, you can't miss the pumpkin patches at places like Mann Farms, Richmond Country Farms, and Southlands Heritage Farms.

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2. Put on a costume and parade down Commercial at the Parade of Lost Souls

Meet up at a secret location and parade around wearing you most awesome Halloween costume, singing, and dancing with a bunch of other local ghouls and goblins on Saturday, October 29th. This year's theme: The Wild!

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3. Watch an old school cult horror film at The Cinematheque

This Halloween, The Cinematheque will be queuing up some creepy old school cult films for your viewing displeasure: The Hunger (1983), Near Dark (1987), and The Fearless Vampire Killers (1967). So wear your costume and grab some popcorn, and relive your favourite cult films in the theatre.

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4. See real ghosts and spirits in Vancouver

Looking for real ghosts in Vancouver this year? Visit one of these haunted locations in Vancouver and you might experience more than just chills down your spine.

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5. Watch hilarious live gothic sci-fi theatre at The Rio

The Rio Theatre is putting on a hilarious original parody of Jim Sharman's The Rocky Horror Show, presented by the Geekenders. So dress up and get ready for some live, on stage action, better than you've seen it before. Get tickets here!

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6. Go for a ride at PNE Playland's Fright Night

Playland is always a fun idea. And on Halloween, an even more fun idea! Go with that cute girl you've been meaning ask out and she'll go literally weak at the knees and right into your arms ?

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7. Freak yourself out at a haunted house

Walk through a haunted house with screams and surprises around every corner (or if you're anything like me, a giggle around every corner)! Here are some awesome Haunted Houses to go to in Vancouver:

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8. Experience a spookier Fly Over Canada

Literally fly over Canada in a dope simulated plane ride with a Halloween twist! It's a little touristy, but as a local Vancouverite, I can say that I've done it and it's pretty awesome.

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9. Try to solve your way out of a Halloween-themed escape room

I honestly can't think of anything scarier than being trapped in a room and having to solve your way out of it, but at least you'll probably be with your friends. Try an awesome escape room like Exit or Locked.

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10. Join an MJ Thriller flash mob with everyone in Vancouver

Join Thrill The World Vancouver, learn the dance to Thriller with a whole bunch of locals, and perform it to everyone in the community at Olympic Village, all for a good cause! I mean who doesn't love a little bit of good old MJ.

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11. Buy some fireworks and light em' up!

And best for last! Light it up on the only day you're legally allowed to in Vancouver. Blow up some roman candles and dancing devils with your friends! See where you can find firework pop up shops here. (But of course, be safe guys?)

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