Vancouver's food scene emulates the city's diversity in the best of ways. You can easily get the best sushi, pizza or burrito all within walking distance. Taking this diversity a few steps farther, there is an increasingly delicious wold of fusion foods.

Whether it's having avocado on a hot dog or eating Korean chicken in between two waffles, you can find anything in this amazing city. If you're bored of your usuals, try something completely out of the box. Taste any of these 11 unusual fusion foods in Vancouver:

Photo cred- @melissabenoist

Japanese style hot dogs // Japadog 

The most popular item here is the Terimayo Hot Dog. With additions like Japanese sauces, tempura and avocado, hot dogs here are uniquely delicious.

Photo cred- @eaterysushi

Whacky fusion sushi rolls // The Eatery

My personal favourite innovation here is the Jalapeno popper roll. The Eatery takes popular comfort style dishes and serves them with Japanese sushi style. They even have fun names for their inventions like the "Bob Marley Roll" and the "Barbie Roll."

Photo cred- @yvrdctaco

Korean style Mexican // Disco Cheetah

Disco Cheetah takes our casual mexican favourites like the burrito and the taco and gives them a new flavour. Adding Korean staples in a Mexican parcel gives this place a unique taste that everyone should try. Spot this truck around the city and find its schedule here.

Photo cred- @biancamattu

Spice trail fusion food // East is East

East is East incorporates the many styles of cooking found on the founding family's migration to India from Afghanistan. Their dishes emanate the perfect harmony of simple food fusions. My personal favourite is the Boulani (stuffed roti), a must try for every Vancouverite and perfect for sharing.

Photo cred- @justincchan

Butter Chicken Pizza // Fresh Slice

Who doesn't love pizza? Fresh slice is all over the city, open till late and super affordable. Their incorporation of hearty butter chicken onto a classic pie add to the deliciousness and give it a quirky but addictive taste.

Photo cred- @baodowngastown

Kung Fu Fries // Bao Down

This delicious fusion spot has tons of innovative asian twisted dishes. Try any of their variety of Asian influenced fries and steamed buns for a scrumptious meal.

Photo cred- @absomedia

Tandoori Tikka Dog // Tandoori Tikka Dog

This hot dog is wonderfully spicy in a subtle way. Enjoy the classic street food with light Indian influences. This cart caters to the late night crowd so its the perfect bite for a post party walk home.

Photo cred- @creeepycarol

Indian style Chinese // Green Lettuce

This family run restaurant has two locations. It takes Chinese dishes with an Indian style of cooking, creating a uniquely delicious interpretation of your favourite classics.

Photo cred- @foodievancity_

Butter Chicken Poutine // Belgian Fries

Butter chicken has no limits! Try it on delicious, hand cut Belgian fries at this lovely spot. Poutine has never tasted this authentically spice infused.

Photo cred- @miurayvr

KFC Waffle Sandwich // Miura Restaurant and Bar 

This hearty sandwich has korean style fried chicken in between two waffles. An amazingly delicious innovation!

Photo cred- @hannahqark

Japanese style Spaghetti // SPAGHeTEI

This spaghetti spot keeps the noodles and adds a Japanese twist to the sauce. Try a variety of different styles of unique spaghetti to get an Italian-Asian, artfully delicious meal.

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