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11 Vancouver Cafés You Must Visit If You Really Love Coffee

You'll love them a latte.

It fuels our mornings and adds an extra pep to our step; it can’t be denied that Vancouver coffee picks you up! Although there’s nothing inherently wrong with coffee shop chains, you owe it to yourself to elevate your coffee experience. Get to know your skilled baristas who work to bring you the perfect brew day in and day out, and immerse yourself in the vibrant coffee culture of Vancouver.

Next time you're on your way to becoming a fully functioning human being in the morning, meeting up with friends, or getting a much over due study-sesh in, check out (in no particular order) this list of coffee shops you have to visit at least once in your life in Vancouver!

*Disclaimer* This is only a short list of amazing coffee shops in the city.

Revolver // 325 Cambie

With its Instagram-worthy interior, Revolver Coffee demonstrates a commitment to not only serving a killer cup of coffee, but an experience as well. Each cup is individually brewed and their unique tasting flights are the perfect way to find the bean that suits you best.

Matchstick // 213 East Georgia Street

A bright, open space with a modern flair, Matchstick perfectly pairs amazing pastries (the almond croissants are a must try) with life affirming coffee. For those with lactose allergies, Matchstick has perfected the art of steaming and pouring almond milk.

 Pallet Coffee Roasters // 323 Semlin Dr

Pallet Coffee Roasters is the perfect spot to get some serious work done. With the uniformd price of $2.85 for any sized cup of coffee, it’s always worth it to go for the large!

 Small Victory  // 1088 Homer St

It will most likely be the smell of baked goods that will draw you into Small Victory. Here the coffee is as carefully crafted as their delicious desserts. With a modern chic vibe, Small Victory is definitely the ‘it’ coffee shop in Yaletown.

Photo cred - felixdesigns

Forty Ninth Parallel // 2902 Main St

One of Vancouver’s most iconic coffee shops, 49th Parallel always seems to make rainy days a little cozier. A great spot to meet up with friends, it’s always hard to resist grabbing a Lucky’s Doughnut to dunk on the side.

Nelson the Seagull // 315 Carrall Street

Enjoy a cup of coffee as the smell of freshly baked sourdough bread envelops you at Nelson the Seagull. With a feeling of home, the café is notorious for their fresh bread and the avocado toast from your dreams.

Timbertrain // 311 W Cordova St

Apart from their phenomenal coffee, the friendly baristas are a trademark at Timbertrain. They know their stuff and can guide you to the perfect cup of coffee. It's always bustling, so it can sometimes be hard to grab a seat!

Elysian Coffee // 590 W Broadway

Elysian boasts perfectly poured lattes and delicious baked goods made in-house. The window seat is the perfect spot to people watch and enjoy your drink.

East Van Roasters // 319 Carrall St

East Van Roasters is a not for profit organization that embodies what it means to be a part of the community. Organic bean to bar coffee and chocolate made right before your eyes makes East Van Roasters hard to pass over. It is the perfect spot to indulge and treat yourself.

Photo cred - antinuu

 Caffé Cittadella // 2310 Ash St

An old heritage home that was converted into a two story café, Cittadella has a charming atmosphere and is a cozy place to grab lunch with their selection of sandwiches and pastries. The locals line up here for a reason, and now you're in the know.

Kafka’s Coffee and Tea // 2525 Main St

With different brew methods to choose from and beans from around the world, you’ll leave knowing a little more about coffee than you did when you first entered Kafka. The continually changing artwork at the café is also a must see!

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