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11 Vancouver Vegan Bloggers That Will Transform Your Life For The Better

Being a true, dedicated vegan in the city can be hard. Especially when you're a recent vegan convert and you have no idea what you're doing, you could end up oscillating between overloading your body with unhealthy carbs and starvation.

But whether you're a recent vegan or a seasoned herbivore, whether you do it for animal rights or you're just looking out for your body, you have to have a heightened awareness of what you're feeding yourself.

Lucky for us, Vancouver's food scene is amazing, with endless options for vegans...if you know where and who to go, that is. These Vancouver-based vegan bloggers know your needs and make it easy to be vegan, highlighting the best vegan spots in Vancouver and coming up with tastes-better-than-meat recipes that are all plant-based!

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Bethany Borkowski // @vegbethany

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Ali Harris & Courtney Forth // @50shadesofveg

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Dreena Burton //

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Marissa // @bcvegan

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Steph Yu // @happyandhealthy96

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Julia // @beetmamma

Sisley Killam // @thepurelife_

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Lindsay O'Donnell // @lindsayisvegan

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Lauren Paton //

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Emily Davies // @wholesomeslice

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Bridgette Burns //

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