12 Best Vancouver Restaurants To Satisfy Your Mac And Cheese Addiction

Who doesn't like mac and cheese? One of the tastiest comfort foods out there without a doubt. This classic dish has been revamped so many times and now you get to choose which style you like the best. Vancouver has got some really mouth-watering options for you to sink your teeth into so when you hear the hunger calling, make sure to give it what it wants.

Next time you have a hankering for some cheesy goodness, check out any of these fine dining establishments - your taste buds will thank you!

1. Peckinpah // 2 Water St

This Gastown Carolina style BBQ joint serves up one of the cheesiest, most delectable macs in the city. This is a creamy cheddar take on the famed dish so if that's your fancy, you'll enjoy it for sure. Oh and did I mention the pulled-pork that's sprinkled throughout.

2. Acme Cafe // 51 W Hastings St

Their mac and cheese is pretty great and you'll feel a little healthier because it comes with an organic green salad. Add bacon bits though and you're right back where you started. Still totally worth it!

3. Burgoo // 2272 W 4th Ave

These guys have four locations around Vancouver, but the one in Kits is super chill. They have two mac and cheese options on their menu. Traditional is good as always, but mac and more comes dressed to impress with onions, beans, bacon and more.

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4. Buckstop // 833 Denman St

Either the pulled-pork or bacon & jalapeño mac and cheese will surely not disappoint. This one is a little crunchier, so if crispy is your game, Buckstop is the name.

5. Six Acres // 203 Carrall St

Aged cheddar accompanied by two other cheeses makes this a dish for a more refined palate. With the toasted breadcrumbs, you really can't go wrong.

6. Score on Davie // 1262 Davie St

They really make it into a meal here. With slow-roasted BBQ pork and beer cream sauce, you won't be able to contain yourself as your meal is prepared. Just a heads up, they also do some crazy caesars.

7. The Wallflower // 2420 Main St

Vegans will appreciate this baked mac and cheese. Made with vegan cheese and creamy sauce, you'll get all of the flavour of real cheese without breaking the rules. You can add a veggie dog to the dish if you are feeling extra hungry.

Photo cred - @yilunlian

8. The Flying Pig // 1168 Hamilton St

They have three locations, but Yaletown is always a lovely part of the city, especially when it comes to dining. Though it's technically a side, their truffled jumbo macaroni is seriously impressive.

9. The Greedy Pig // 307 W Cordova St

This mac and cheese doubles up on the cheddar, throws in a little bacon, some tomatoes, and a few other hidden goodies. The result a salivating meal, so good in fact, when someone asks for a bite, you really will act like a greedy pig.

10. REEL Mac and Cheese // check schedule

A food truck for mac and cheese! They move around so make sure to time it right. They've got five ridiculously cheesy options to choose, all as appetizing as the last.

11. Meet on Main // 4288 Main St

Only the finest ingredients are used in the making of this vegan mac and cheese topped with scallions and cashew "cheez" sauce. They also do a mac and cheese burger which is hard to beat.

12. Rogue Kitchen // 601 W Cordova St

This restaurant in Gastown is the place to go for lobster mac and cheese. With four cheeses and fresh lobster, it is so darn tasty you might literally have a foodgasm.

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