12 Boardwalk Trails In British Columbia You Need To Add To Your Bucket List This Spring

Turn your hike into a real-life fairy tale 🍃🍄
12 Boardwalk Trails In British Columbia You Need To Add To Your Bucket List This Spring

Shake up your hiking this Spring with a special trip out to a boardwalk trail! These magical spots look like they're taken straight out of a picture book about Canada. Whether you want to walk through the rainforest or the desert, find a beach or find soaring old trees there's so much to discover on BC's boardwalk trails.

Boardwalks are a popular alternative to trails because they're easy to use and they help protect the forest by keeping all the hikers in one spot. It's difficult to create and maintain trails through the wet, wild and thick rainforests of BC. There's so much life and greenery everywhere that you can hardly see the forest floor.

Boardwalks owe a lot of their popularity to the fact that they look amazing in photos and they create an accessible way for beginners to go explore the woods. Here are 12 boardwalk trails in BC that you need to add to your bucket list this Spring!

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Seven Sisters Trail

Cultus Lake

This relatively-short three-kilometre hike takes you through a mesmerizing old-growth Douglas Fir forest. The boardwalk portions of the trail are really adorable and they will take you past some of the largest and oldest trees in the province.

Rainforest Trail

Pacific Rim National Park

This is one of the most popular trails on Vancouver Island and once you see how stunning it is in person, then you know why locals and tourists come here! The trail is just two kilometres long and will take you through some of the most verdant rainforests on the West Coast.

Giant Cedars Boardwalk Trail

Mount Revelstoke National Park

This tiny trail packs a big punch! At just 0.3 kilometres, it's the shortest boardwalk trail on our list. This looped trail is super magical because of the literal giants you'll meet along the way. These cedar trees are massive and more impressive than even the tallest skyscraper.

Paradise Meadows Loop Trail

Strathcona Provincial Park

This easy boardwalk trail takes you through sub-alpine meadows and looks simply cinematic. The trail is 4.2 kilometres there-and-back and the spring is the perfect time to go because the meadows will be covered with wildflowers.

Combers Beach Trail

Pacific Rim National Park

A boardwalk trail that leads you right to a gorgeous beach? What more could you want? This short but steep trail has a bunch of stairs that will lead you to prime surfing and storm watching beach.

Shoreline Trail

Rocky Point Park

Not too far from Vancouver, this fun boardwalk trail takes you along the shores of Port Moody. This is a great boardwalk trail to do on a sunny weekend and it's perfect if you like a little sea air while you walk.

Desert Boardwalk Trail

Osoyoos Desert Centre

This 1.5-kilometre boardwalk in the Okanagan Valley is gorgeous. If you want to feel the warm desert sun, then this is the perfect boardwalk trail for you. Admission to the Osoyoos Desert Centre is $7 and it gets you access to their amazing desert boardwalk trail where you can wind through desert grasses.

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Hemlock Grove Boardwalk Trail

Glacier National Park

Another tiny trail, this 0.3-kilometre loop is a can't miss. This is the ultimate way to stretch your legs on a road trip!

Ancient Forest Boardwalk Trail

Chun T’oh Whudujut Provincial Park

This boardwalk trail is a true hidden gem in BC! You'll see thousand-year-old cedars along this trail and there are about three kilometres of boardwalk trails for you to explore. There's even a gorgeous waterfall hidden somewhere along the trail!

Hot Springs Boardwalk


This boardwalk trail takes you from the dock all the way up to the Tofino hot springs! You'll need to take a boat to reach this secluded spot. The boardwalk trail is gorgeous and you'll feel like you're on an actual adventure as you search out the hot springs.

Deer Lake Boardwalk Trail

Deer Lake Park

This urban boardwalk trail is great if you're not an experienced hiker or if you just want to stay close to the city. Whether you want to do a short loop or spend a little longer wandering around, this is a really adaptable boardwalk trail for everyone.

Cape Scott Trail

Cape Scott Provincial Park

The most adventurous boardwalk trail on our list, the Cape Scott Trail is a full 23.6 kilometres long. Beginners and expert hikers alike can enjoy this trail, even if you don't do the entire trail length. There's even a mysterious lighthouse nearby you can visit. It's best to visit on a dry day this Spring when the boardwalk will be less slippery!

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