12 Cozy Vancouver Date Spots If You Don't Have Your Own Place

Basically a list of cuddle-friendly zones.
12 Cozy Vancouver Date Spots If You Don't Have Your Own Place

We all know that you love cuddling with your s/o and enjoying some intimate one-on-one time with them.

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If you don't have your own place and the luxury of doing that at home, there are tons of cute and cozy places in Vancouver that will make you feel right at home.

Basically, places that you are allowed to show some PDA and won't be judged for it ;) 

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1. Wildebeest // 120 W. Hastings Street 

An intimate spot located in Vancouver's Gastown, you are bound to make this place one of your top date spots. It's perfect for a dinner date or after dinner drinks in their cozy booths.

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2. Prohibition // 801 W. Georgia Street

Prohibition is a throwback to the 20s, with live music, glamorous decor and innovative cocktails. Definitely a great spot to go to with your s/o to either dance or just cuddle, the vibe is amazing.

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3. Ancora // 1600 Howe Street

Enjoy waterfront dining and a beautiful patio at this downtown spot. Situated along the Vancouver seawall, why not have dinner or drinks with a beautiful view?!

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4. UVA Wine & Cocktail Bar // 900 Seymour Street

When you want something dark and sultry, this is definitely the place that to check out with your s/o. Cocktails in low light with cozy tables and good music, deffs a good vibe.

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5. The Mackenzie Room // 415 Powell Street

This hidden gem serves as the perfect backdrop for date night. Their fresh dishes that are different every day (hence the chalkboard) and intimate atmosphere is great for you and your s/o to enjoy some quality time.

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6. Oakwood Canadian Bistro // 2741 W. 4th Avenue

With a romantic fireplace, cozy booth seating, and a chill atmosphere - Oakwood is the perfect place to huddle up in when you want a date vibe that feels just like home.

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7. Breka Bakery & Café // 3750 W. 4th Avenue 

When you don't want to venture downtown, grab some pastries and lattes at this amazing café that is open 24 hours. Perfect when you don't have your own place!

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8. Cheesecake Etc. // 2141 Granville Street

It's known for it's dim lighting and jazz-club ambiance. Get cozy with some cheesecake at this chill and intimate eatery. (BONUS: It's open until 1 am every night).

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9. Grapes & Soda // 1541 W. 6th Avenue 

With only 25 seats in the whole place, this quaint and intimate wine bar is the perfect place to go with your s/o. You will feel right at home in this cozy space.

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10. Jules Bistro // 216 Abbott Street

What's more romantic than French food? Head to this intimate Gastown eatery for some amazing food and great vibes.

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11. Tableau Bar Bistro // 1181 Melville Street

Check out this bistro that has both French-inspired food and decor. Their beautiful booths and appetizing meals and drinks will definitely make this a new fave date spot.

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12. Reflections at Hotel Georgia // 801 W. Georgia Street

Sip on some delicious cocktails at this beautiful rooftop patio with your s/o. Enjoy the views of the city and snap some cool pics at a night that will for sure be special.

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