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12 Drinks, Treats And Eats In Vancouver That Are As Black As Your Soul

All of this unicorn colored sh*t is so last year.

There's always a new, crazy, and happening trend in food - and Vancouver is usually one of the first to hear about it! From acai bowls, to putting sushi into burrito and taco form, we've seen it all. 

The latest trend that's blowing up is all black everything. Activated charcoal and something about it being good for you, who knows - all you know is that it looks dope in your Instagram story. 

Though little do most know, Vancouver has been home to several "black-colored" foods for years now! From beers, to bowls, to drinks, we've got all your black - and any other neutral shades - to match your soul (and your outfit). After all, black does go with everything. 

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1. Coconut Ash Ice Cream at Mister // 1141 Mainland St 

One of Vancouver's most popular ice cream spots at the moment, Mister's black cones have been running rampant in the Vancouver food scene (and our Instagrams). If you're not in a coconut kind of mood, they have plenty of other amazing flavors.

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2. Black Charcoal Lemonade at UPJUS // 108-1058 Mainland Street

Sweet, simple, and deceptively good, UPJUS brings it home with a concoction that's darker than black - and the chia seeds are a nice touch.

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3. Black Sesame Gelato at Bella Gelateria // 1001 W Cordova St 

None of that activated charcoal here, Bella is a sugary treat in all its glory! If you're bored of traditional flavors, you'll definitely be impressed by the sweet - but subtle - taste of their black sesame.

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4. Black Sesame Macaroons at Crackle Creme // 245 Union St

These adorable sesame macaroons (or any flavor for that matter) are almost too cute to eat! Honourable mention also goes out to their Ferrero Roche Creme Brule - not a specific black treat, but so good that we had to tell you about it.

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Dark Chocolate Fondue at Cacao 70 // 1047 Denman St

Mild disclaimer, not all of their dark chocolates will turn out black (like shown above). But with Vancouver's craziest selection of chocolate, and every dessert you could possibly fathom, we don't think you'll be complaining.

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6. Black Sesame Parfait at Mimibuloveme // 5556 Cambie St

A few shades off black, but this parfait is nothing short of delicious. Mimibuloveme is one of the best places in Vancouver for parfaits; they've also got ramen and other desserts to satisfy all your cravings.

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7. Black Sesame Slush at Bubble Tea Shop // 1680 Robson St

One of Vancouver's premier bubble tea spots, Bubble Tea Shop is the store responsible for two-flavor bubble teas, bubble tea in a light bulb, and topping-packed bubble waffles.

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8. Black Rice Sushi at Odo Sushi // 82 Keefer Pl 

Welcome to Odo Sushi, where all rolls come standard with black rice. Not only is it healthier (and a slightly better flavor and texture), but their prices give a lot of bang for your buck, making it a standout sushi joint in Vancouver.

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9. The 'Dark Sweet' & Aburi Tuna Stack at Ki Isu Sushi // 1532 Marine Dr

Although not all of their rolls feature black rice, their Dark Sweet and Aburi Tuna Stack are two specialty rolls that are seriously worth trying. Come early or call ahead to avoid the crowds, their smaller-sized restaurant is often packed!

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10. Oreo Milkshakes at Off The Grid Waffles // 2665 Kingsway 

Okay, it's not fully black. Sorry, you'll have to forgive us - we just thought that you'd wanna know about a full blown milkshake with chocolate drizzle, whipped cream, Oreo and a waffle in it. It's grey and it's here to stay #sorrynotsorry.

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11. Black Beverages at Wolf & Hound // 3617 W Broadway 

Wolf & Hound is a Vancouver favourite for Irish Pubs. Alongside their naturally dark beers (Guinness, Kilkenny, and a Dark Matter Craft Beer), they also feature their 'Black & Berry' or their 'Black Velvet': Guiness mixed with either Ribenna or champagne.

12. Black Sesame Mousse at Cafe De L'Orangerie // 1320 W 73rd Ave

Japanese-style, French-Inspired Cuisine, this cafe has everything on the menu to win over your taste buds. Their Black Sesame Mousse is sweet, smooth and totally satisfying.