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12 Vancouver Girls Who Are Killing The Lash Extension Game In 2018

Perfect for that no-makeup makeup look!
12 Vancouver Girls Who Are Killing The Lash Extension Game In 2018

One of the biggest beauty trends over the past year has definitely been eyelash extensions - being seen on the biggest Hollywood stars. We can definitely see why, having eyelash extensions shaves so much time off your morning beauty routine!

Getting eyelash extensions is the ultimate hack for lazy girls to get that "just got out of bed" look - with zero effort! Luckily, there are more and more eyelash extension technicians popping up around Vancouver, and here we have a list of girls who are absolutely killing it in 2018 - we've got you covered.

Kristen // @kamilashstudio

@kamilashstudioembedded via

Kristen specialises in classic and volume eyelash extensions, and if you are after a more natural look - you know who to go to!

Lina // @acebeautystudio

@acebeautystudioembedded via

Lina specialises in classic and volume lash extensions, and also does gel manicures, makeup, and hair!

Zena // @lashdbyz

@lashdbyzembedded via

Zena's Instagram feed of her past lash extension work is a testament to her skill, showcasing fluttery, natural, lashes.

Tha // @lashesbytha

@lashesbythaembedded via

Located in New Westminster, Tha is a certified lash technician that will make you feel like you have the longest, thickest lashes without the weight of mascara!

Cathy // @ailashco

@ailashcoembedded via

Cathy specialises in volume lashes, and has been doing lash extensions since 2015 - so she is well experienced in doing lashes!

Tina // via

Tina specialises in volume and mega volume lash extensions, so if you are after super glamorous lashes for a special occasion, she is who you need to go to!

Sydney // @lashesbysydney_

@lashesbysydney_embedded via

Located in Maple Ridge, Sydney is a certified classic and volume lash technician with super affordable prices!

Alisha // @lashesby_alisha

@lashesby_alishaembedded via

Alisha is based in Yaletown, and has been lashing since 2010 - so you know she's experienced! Check out her Instagram page for some of her beautiful work.

Tiffany // @lash.mee.up

@lash.mee.upembedded via

Tiffany works from a home studio in Richmond - and she specialises in Asian lashes, so if you have short, sparse lashes you know who to find!

Jess // @lashwithjess

@lashwithjessembedded via

Jess specialises in volume lash extensions - her Instagram page showcases her talent in making her client's lashes long, thick, and beautiful!

Chrissy // @chrissys_lashes

@chrissys_lashesembedded via

Chrissy is located in Yaletown, and does a variety of sets including classic extensions, mix, and Russian volume extensions!

Andrea // @lacunalashes

@lacunalashesembedded via

Andrea is located in Burnaby, and with her natural lash extension work, you will have no more worries about waking up and having to put on mascara every morning!

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