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12 Glamorous Vancouver Restaurants To Get Dressed Up For

Time to iron the button-up and pull the dresses out of the closet.
12 Glamorous Vancouver Restaurants To Get Dressed Up For

Remember the days of being a kid, when "fancy" and "upscale" restaurants meant going to Earl's, the Keg, or God forbid - Milestones? But with a plethora of places to go for brunch, lunch and dinner, there are a million 'fancier' to try. Sure, you can blame it on the times. Or blame it on the fact that Vancouver has one of the most diverse dining scenes in Canada (we're not really complaining). 

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Maybe it's because as one grows older, they realize the experience of dining. The experience and feelings evoked by a charming atmosphere, or sleek decor and minimalistic colours. So grab your BFF, your significant other, or anyone who you'd like to share the experience with, and get dressy!

PS. We highly recommend a reservation. 

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Miku // 200 Granville St #70, Vancouver

Miku has been a longstanding name in higher-end restaurants in Vancouver since 2008, and a front-runner in their amazing aburi sushi. Among a full-bodied menu, their Aburi Salmon Oshi is a must try. Pair amazing Japanese fare with sleek decor and a patio on Waterfront, and you have a winner.

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Terroir Kitchen //  2232 Marine Dr, West Vancouver

Terroir features an exquisite cuisine mixing flavors from the Mediterranean, France, Italy, Spain and North Africa. Highly recommended is their bone marrow with apple and parsley, capers, pickled pearl onions, grilled focaccia and maldon sea salt.

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Chambar //  568 Beatty St, Vancouver

Perhaps predominantly known for their brunch, their lunch and dinner menu features creative Belgium cuisine in a chic brick-room. Standouts on their menu feature buffalo tartare, barbequed frog legs and octopus tiradito.

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Cuchillo //  261 Powell St, Vancouver

They have tequila flights. That's all. And an amazing drink menu. Also all. In all seriousness, Cuchillo does a fantastic job at providing punchy and flavourful Mexican fare in the form of small platters. Between their mole lamb tacos and pulled duck, you'll be mesmerized.

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Hawksworth Restaurant // 801 W Georgia St, Vancouver

Four-time winner for best upscale restaurant in Vancouver, Hawksworth holds a reputation that is firmly backed by their food. Their Canadian cuisine sources all local ingredients and a world renowned chef. Their black peppered tuna tataki and licorice crusted lamb saddle are standouts.

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Bishop's //  2183 W 4th Ave, Vancouver

Local chef John Bishop has served celebrities and world leaders, from Pierre Trudeau to Robert De Niro. The menu stems from fresh, local and seasonal ingredients, and create rustic, simple, yet delicious meals. They're currently offering a 3 course summer menu special!

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Nightingale // 1017 W Hastings St, Vancouver

Nightingale has a bit of everything from house-made pasta, wood-fire pizza, as well as charcuterie and crudo. It's the second restaurant opened by famous local chef David Hawksworth. It's difficult to recommend one item on such an extensive menu, but their potato gnocchi does not disappoint.

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Wildebeest // 120 W. Hastings St, Vancouver

In the heart of Gastown, Wildebeest is a standout with unique flavours and a versatile selection. Their dinner menu is a true wild card, jumping from bone marrow, cache creek ribeye and fried chicken.

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Pourhouse // 162 Water St, Vancouver

Gold and black accents in a brick building highly remnant to a saloon, Pourhouse gives an upscale, classy vibe to all diners. Their dinner menu is simple, though effective (try their burger), but their drink menu is definitely something to talk about.

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Gotham Steakhouse //  615 Seymour St, Vancouver

One of Vancouver's best steakhouses, Gotham offers amazing food and great service in a charming deco-inspired restaurant. In addition to amazing steak and wine, high ceilings and dim lighting create an intimate, yet memorable dining experience.

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Notch 8 // 900 West Georgia Street, Vancouver

Notch 8 set out to re-define the concept of a glamorous and upscale dining experience. Their high ceilings, mixed with a bright ambiance and modern decor set a high-class atmosphere. Their rotisserie chicken, is deceptively good.

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Kissa Tanto // 263 E Pender St, Vancouver

Although not as ritzy as others on the list, Kissa Tanto is blowing up right now as one of Vancouver's hottest restaurants. Italian-Japanese cuisine in a setting inspired by a 1960's Tokyo Jazz Cafe, Kissa Tanto is guaranteed to be busy every night.

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