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12 Hidden Date Spots To Take Your Girlfriend To In BC

Pack some snacks babe, we're going on an adventure!
12 Hidden Date Spots To Take Your Girlfriend To In BC

There's something magical about the summer. Longer days and shorter nights that evoke an unexplainable set of emotions. It's a feeling of adventure, wanting to make the most of every day, and make memories that you'll think of every night. 

Well grab your significant other, because it's time to make some memories. With the sun still shining high (and plenty of snacks and drinks), you've got a whole province to explore. Here are the best hidden spots for a magical late-summer date. 

Just don't blame us if you're stuck taking pictures of her for half an hour - these places are that good! 

NOTE: With the current wildfire situation in British Columbia, we must urge that you exercise caution while travelling. Never travel anywhere that could put you and your s/o in danger, and never light an open flame or leave any flammable material nearby. 

1. Fort Langley // Langley

Fort Langley is a small, adorable town that draws close comparison to Steveston. With its own giant wooden forts and miniature cabins, as well as plenty of fantastic food options and boutique stores, it makes for the perfect date to spend an entire day exploring. 

2. Grotto Spa // Vancouver Island 

The Grotto Spa in Parksville, BC was ranked the #1 spa in Canada. It's famous for it's beautiful location as well as a stunning mineral pool. It's also fairly priced, $40 gets you access to the spa and its facilities! 

3. Othello Tunnels // Hope 

The Othello Tunnels are a unique and mesmerizing set of train tracks and tunnels located in the Coquihalla Provincial Park. Alongside the tunnels, there's also an extended trail to hike that leads back to Hope. Mix that together with beautiful, rushing water and you have a pretty sight to see. 

4. Sooke Potholes // Sooke 

The Sooke Potholes provincial park provides access to several deep, polished rock pools and potholes, carved naturally into the Sooke River. It's fantastic sight to see and an even better place for a dip - be sure to exercise caution when swimming though! 

5. Emerald Lake // Yoho National Park 

Although the Yoho National Park is absolutely full of things to see and places to explore - waterfalls, hikes, trails and rivers - the 'piece de resistence' is possibly the beautiful Emerald Lake. Clear waters and a stone bridge make for a picturesque destination. 

6. Spotted Lake // Osoyoos 

This surreal lake, situated in the Okanagan, is a must-visit in the summer months. The spots are only seen in the summer season as water begins to evaporate and reveal the collection of spots on the water. The lake is also believed to have healing properties. 

7. Strathcona Provincial Park // Vancouver Island

The Strathcona Provincial Park is British Columbia's oldest provincial park, as well as the largest on Vancouver Island. One area of it, "The Forbidden Plateau", makes for an amazing day-hike and immerses you in Vancouver Islands best scenery. 

8. Shannon Falls // Squamish 

Shannon Falls has the advantage of being closer to Vancouver and much easier to access (just off the Sea to Sky Highway). The Falls have ample parking, are easily accessible, and link to the Chief - in case you wanted to make the trek up!

9. Porteau Cove // Sea to Sky Highway

Also easily accessible from Vancouver, Porteau Cove is perfect for checking out the turquoise-coloured water that grabs your view off the highway. Even better (although the smoke may hinder it), is an amazing place to go star-gazing. 

10. Enchanted Forest // Revelstoke 

The Enchanted Forest is full of quirky figurines, signs, and pieces of art all left by an artist way back when. Mix that in with this colossal tree house and you have a mystical adventure just waiting to happen. 

11. Steveston // Richmond

Being only 10km from Vancouver, Steveston is an often forgotten - yet fantastic - spot for a date. There's a long, romantic pier, plenty of food options for a picnic, and ice cream to boot!

12. Botanical Beach // Port Renfrew

Botanical Beach is full of marine life, and when the tide is low, you can see tons of different species of aquatic beings. The beach spans for quite some distance as well, there's no telling what you'll find. Just make sure to look - not touch - and not harm the marine life in any way.

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