12 Incredible Wineries In The Okanagan You Need To Visit This Fall

A glass a day keeps the doctor away

I don't care if you're a wino or you just enjoy a glass of wine here and there. The experience of spending the weekend or even a day cruising around the interior of BC, checking out different vineyards and trying new types of wine made right here in beautiful British Columbia is one that you MUST have this fall. I know you are sick of all the Vancouver bars, so get on the road and enjoy a visit to these incredible vineyards.

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Most of the vineyards have free tasting but others do require a small fee to enjoy the experience. The vineyards are all within short distances of each other, meaning you can plan your own route and hit each vineyard as you please. Or, you can jump on the shuttle and allow someone else to drive you around so you don't have to worry about assigning a DD.

This is the perfect trip for a ladies weekend or a relaxing couples vacation. Remember the wine is dramatically cheaper when you buy it at the vineyard so don't wait until you go home, ask for a box at your first location and fill it up with your favourite wines throughout the day. You can get an amazing bottle of wine for $10-$12 at a vineyard and the same bottle would be $18-$20 at the BCL. So stock up!

Take my advice and plan your next trip out to the interior for one of the best wine tasting experiences in Canada. Here are 12 wineries, in no particular order that you NEED to visit in BC this summer:

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Moon Curser // Osoyoos, BC

Moon Curser is a family owned winery that was started in 2004. Their wines are carefully handcrafted and they only produce small quantities of each so if you like something, you better buy a couple bottles because you might not find it again! Sadly, I know this from personal experience and I regret it to this day! Located on the east bench above Osoyoos Lake in the South Okanagan, Moon Curses is located on one of the best viticulture sites in the Okanagan Valley.

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La Stella Winery // Osoyoos, BC

One of my personal favourite wineries in the Interior BC. The Rosé is unbelievably fresh and perfect for any summer BBQ! La Stella doesn't follow the standard of modern or traditional winemaking. Instead, they combine the two processes to create their carefully curated wines. Their tasting room is beautifully decorated and the view of Lake Osoyoos is breathtaking.

Black Hills Winery // Oliver, BC

If you can't get enough of the Okanagan views, then Black Hills Winery is the spot for you. For $50.00 you can reserve a private cabana tasting experience by their beautiful water fountain. Enjoy the amazing views of the vineyard as you sip back some vino. Black Hills recently opened this new location, just down the road from their original spot. Their new, 3000 square foot tasting room is beautiful, making Black Hills Winery a must-see this summer

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Quinta Ferreira Estate Winery // Oliver, BC

Originally the site of an an orchard, inspired by their love for wine, the Ferreira family converted the estate into a vineyard in 1999. The process took three years to convert into a fully functioning vineyard. The landscape and amazing soil allow for optimal growing conditions and the vineyard offers more then 7 variety of wines.

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Hester Creek Estate Winery // Oliver, BC

Hester Creek is a vet in the wine world in BC. With the planting of their first vines in 1968, they have a history of amazing and delicious wines. Take in the view on one of their amazing patios, dine at the Tuscan inspired Terrafina Restaurant or spend the weekend relaxing and enjoying breakfast in bed in one of their lovely suites in the Villa.

Covert Farms Family Estate // Oliver, BC

Opened in 1959, Covert Farms is located on 650 acres of bench land, making their wine some of the best in BC. One of my favourite vineyards for its quaint decor and modest tasting room. All of their wines are certified organic and crafted with natural fermentation whenever possible. Their white wines are crisp and fruity, perfect for the summer and the reds are luscious and age-worthy for anytime consumption.

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Gehringer Brothers Estate Winery // Oliver, BC

Nestled on the Golden Mile, just southwest of Oliver, Gehringer Brothers has consistently produced 25 award winning wines since 1986. Owners and brother, Walter and Gordon Gehringer have been considered some of the "founding fathers of wine in the area" according to Food & Wine Trails Magazine.

Burrowing Owl Estate Winery // Oliver, BC

 Jackson-Triggs Okanagan Estate // Oliver, BC

One of the more well-known vineyards in BC, you can find most of their wine selection at the local BCL. The Jackson-Triggs vineyard offers a rare glimpse into the complete wine tasting experience, including unique varietals & limited edition wines only found at the winery. The vineyard covers 410 acres of some of the most rugged beauty found in British Columbia.

Tinhorn Creek Vineyards // Oliver, BC

Tinhorns is another family run vineyard in BC. They grow their grapes on both the Golden Mile and the Black Sage benches, increases the variety of flavours in the wines they offer. As the first Canadian winery to support carbon neutral measures they are committed to land stewardship, conversation of the area of environmentally sustainable practices. Enjoy a self guided tour and enjoy wines that rank among the best in the world.

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Inniskillin Okanagan Estate Winery // Oliver, BC

Submerse yourself in the experience