Most of us buckle down in spring to prepare ourselves for our "summerbod", well if you achieved that beautiful bod that you were aiming for, then you need to continue that workout regime into winter. It's so easy to lose track during this season because it seems that most of our work lives and personal lives get busier as the holidays creep up on us. 

If you've lost interest in going to the gym, or if you never got that summerbod but you're hoping to stay fit this winter, we've got you covered! You need to take a gander at these fitness girls that dedicate their time to staying healthy and strong! This is the perfect motivation you need to keep training at the gym this winter. These Instagram fit girls will fill your feed with cute gym pics, exercise videos and even meal prep ideas! 

Sophie Brum // @sophiebfit_

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Sophie lives in our beautiful city and works hard at the gym. Her main interests are fitness, nutrition and a little bit of adventure! She also studies human kinetics so you know she knows what she's talking about. You can also use her Instagram videos as a workout guide! She posts videos showing her workout and details exactly what she's doing in the caption! She's so helpful.

Shauna Jense // @shaunajense

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Shauna is also a human kinetics student, so you know her workouts will be top notch! She posts tons of cute photos on her Instagram that include videos of her workouts at the gym, the supplements she prefers and even some foodgrams! If you ever need a recommendation on BCAAs she's got you covered. 😉

Karina // @lemoncrystals

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Karina is an athlete, trainer and a nutritionist at Quayside Sweat. She's super bubbly and upbeat, and her posts will definitely motivate you to get off your butt and drive to the gym! "Keep on smiling!" She's constantly motivating her clients where she works, and she'll motivate you too!

Cam Lee // @camleeyoga

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Omg, Cam's feed alone will put you in a state of zen. Her feed is so gorgeous and calming, which may inspire you to try some of her yoga poses. She also has a blog where she talks about health, fitness and food in more depth. Basically, follow Cam if you love aesthetically pleasing photos and tons of great healthy information!

Jenn // @jenn_473

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Jenn is a CrossFit queen! She recently competed in the Fraser Valley Throw Down series. If you're into CrossFit then you need to follow Jenn ASAP! She posts tons of amazing quality photos and all of her captions are so heartfelt and sincere. She's awesome, inspiring and posts tons of photos of her adventures!

Chloe // @cbxfit

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Chloe's feed focuses on fitness, food and motivation! She posts photos of her gym apparel, meal plan ideas, progress photos and more! It's nice to see that even someone who's killing it on Instagram doesn't mind showing where she started! That definitely helps motivate me. Oh, and she even has a sneaky little coupon code in her bio if you're interested!

Mary // @marebear_79

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If you're interested in competitive fitness modelling then Mary is your girl! Her beautiful photos might inspire you to look into the biz. She may look small, but she is strong as heck! She's also very sweet natured and seems to know the ins and outs of the Vancouver fitness scene. If you need tips on training, Mary will know what's up!

Tai //


OMG, what would I do without Instagrammers like Tai. She literally shows you how to meal prep and gives you tips on calories, macros, nutrition and more. She is literally a saint. You seriously need to click that link and read her captions, they detail every bit of information you need to meal prep for the week (maybe even month?). Do yourself a favour and follow her now!

Maxine Somov // @missmaxinealexandra 

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If you're interested in body building competitions, you need to check out Maxine! She posts tons of motivational selfies, and she's sure to give you recommendations on what supplements, exercises and more are working for her in the gym right now.

Nikki Korek // @nikkikorek

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Nikki also competes in body building competitions, but that's not all she does. If you follow her on Instagram, you'll find that she also fills her feed with cool adventures, her work life, and her cute corgis!

Teresa Dunnigan // @teresadunnigan

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If you like aesthetically pleasing feeds with tons of black and white photos, follow Teresa. Teresa posts a mix of professional photos, gym selfies and motivating quotes on her feed. This feed will definitely get you motivated to hit the gym and wear something super cute while you're doing it.

Ya'ira Somerville // @yairasomervillefit

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Ya'ira is a plant-based personal trainer in Vancouver! She actually coaches her clients online on fitness and nutrition. You can't beat her beautiful Instagram feed either, she has so many good quality photos! Tons of pics of her exercising all over the city, Chinatown, the seawall, Gastown and more. If this doesn't get you motivated to go for a run, I don't know what will.