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12 Most Epic Dates By Budget In Victoria

Who says you need to always break the bank in order to have a fun date? Epic dates can be found at every budget in Victoria, you can even do some pretty sweet shit for FREE! 

Depending on your #mood you can choose to make your date feel like a million bucks even though you only actually spent under $20 or you can drop “mad bills” and take him/her on wild date fit for something straight out of The Bachelor. 


Victoria is more than just this tiny city on Vancouver Island, it's BC's capital and it is filled with fun things to do. You don't need to have a lot of money. And since the city is predominantly a student town, this list can really help amp up your date nights if you attend either UVIC, Camosun, or Royal Roads. (You're welcome). 

As for the non-students, this list is for you too. Hey, I'm in the same boat and I know that the cost of living is STEEP. I also know that when that 2-week paycheck rolls around and I'm feeling flushed I want to go out and spend, spend, spend!! (Sorry, Dad). 

Whatever you are willing or wanting to spend, you can still make your date feel like they're the most special person in your life. 

Choose your budget and follow the links below! 

Free 🙌

Dirt Cheap 🙃

Basic ⭐

Expensive AF 💸

Free dates in Victoria

Explore Fan Tan Alley // 500 Fisgard St

Take a walk through the second oldest China Town in North America and poke around in Fan Tan Alley. The iconic alley is complete with little shops from Turntables: a record shop, to Salt Spring Soapworks with natural body and hair care to Kid Sister: the gourmet popsicle shop! 

Climb up to the Gold Stream Trestle // 2930 Trans-Canada Hwy

Take a cruise down the Malahat until you reach the Gold Stream Trestle. A short (but steep) hike that leads you to a hardly used train track that is SO instagrammable! 

Stroll along Ogden Point //  211 Dallas Rd 

It was cooler when the railings weren't up but safety and all. The Ogden Point breakwater is like a seawall in the middle of the ocean leading out to a lighthouse. Bonus: it's totally dog-friendly!  

Check out local merch at the Bastion Square Farmer's Market

Your Sunday morning dates are made better with the Farmer's Market down at Bastion Square. With live music, henna, and tons of local vendors, you and your love can walk hand in hand in the sunshine checking out all the goods Victoria has to offer!

Cheap dates in Victoria 

Visit the seals at Fisherman's Wharf // 1 Dallas Rd 

You can feed seals here. You can get a plate of fish scraps and FEED. THE. SEALS. There are a ton of vibrant house boats, an amazing array of food including Barb's Fish and Chips, oh and did I mention YOU CAN FEED THE SEALS! ❤️

Cost: $5 for scraps 

Get competitve at the Interactivity Board Game Cafe // 723 Yates St 

Interactivity is a room filled to the rim with every single board game you can imagine. Whether you're just going with the two of you or you're going on a double...triple...quadruple date... you'll find compatible games for every group. 

Cost: $5 

Discover your green thumb at the Gardens at HCP

Too broke for Butchart? You can stroll through the Gardens at HCP for a quarter of the price! Along the Peninsula, you will find this botanical escape filled with wildlife, flowers, and cacti.

Cost: $12

Normal dates in Victoria 

Test your balance with SUP Victoria // 1234 Wharf St

Standing up on a surfboard is all the rage. You get a core exercise, you can practice your balance, and you get to get your tan on in the middle of the ocean! Sure, it can be tricky and you might fall in but that's all part of the fun! 

Cost: $50/3hr rental

Discover the world around you with Ocean River // 1630 Store St

If you're on the island and not spending it in the ocean then you're kind of missing out on the whole experience. Ocean River rents kayaks for you and your date to take off and explore the island on. There's nothing better than spending quality time together and get a workout. 

Cost: $60/day

Be one with nature and go Whale Watching // 812 Wharf St

Take off and watch whales the only way they're meant to be seen: in the wild! Prince of Whales takes you and your date off to Haro Straight and the Straight of Juan de Fuca to spot one of Canada's most majestic creatures.

Cost: $120

Expensive Dates in Victoria 

Take off with Harbour Air Tours // 950 Wharf St

Fly harbour to harbour from Victoria to Vancouver on the Harbour Air Tours. Explore each city from great heights and get ready to hold your breath! 

Cost: Prices vary on tour 

Explore new heights with Helijet Tours // 79 Dallas Rd

Ever been in a helicopter? Helijet tours take you around Victoria and you get to experience the island from a whole new perspective. Private tours run high but they are oh so romantic. Tip: book a flight at sunset!

Cost: $285.00

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