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12 Places In Vancouver To Give You Major Europe Vibes

Get a Euro trip in Vancity!

There's something about Europe that can make you feel like you're living in a dream world where romance, food, and architecture are all incredibly beautiful (and expensive).

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For those of us who can't afford to jet off to Paris or Italy, you can still get major European feels in Vancouver at some of these super cute and of course yummy joints in town. 

So instead of going bankrupt on a Euro trip, let's get the travel vibes right at home!

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1. Platform 7 Coffee // 2300 W. Broadway

Known for their cold brew coffees and one of a kind espresso bar, you are bound to feel like you are sipping on a latte post Champs Elysees shopping stroll at this local Vancity spot!

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2. Butter Bakery and Café // 4907 Mackenzie Street

One of the most beautiful bakeries that the 604 has to offer, Butter is filled with delicious sweet treats as well as more savoury lunch items that are bound to satsify any need. It deffs resembles Demel Bakery in Vienna!

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3. Giardino // 1328 Hornby Street 

A tuscan style dining room with an outdoor courtyard serving some of the finest Italian wines. Giardino is that restaurant that makes you feel like you are dining with your Italian lover for sure.

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4. Ask for Luigi // 305 Alexander Street

You are lucky if you get a table at this pint-size eatery serving some of the most authentic and delicious Italian meals. The Chef specializes in hand-made pasta to give you the feeling of eating in Treviso, Italy.

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5. Siena South Granville // 1485 W. 12th Avenue 

A quaint eatery serving more modern Italian eats that also specializes in brunch (cause who doesn't love brunch). The wines curated with grapes from Italy, France and Spain are guaranteed to make you feel like you are in a French vineyard.

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6. Thierry Chocolaterie Patisserie Café // 1059 Alberni Street

Pretend like you are at Pasticceria Marchesi in Milan at this beautiful café featuring handcrafted chocolates and homemade macaroons.

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7. Beaucoup Bakery & Café // 2150 Fir Street 

Sip on a vanilla latte and indulge in a chocolate almond croissant at one of the most delicious coffee shops and bakeries in the city. Definitely a popular stop for French-style baked goods!

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8. Le Marché St. George // 4393 St. George Street

One of the most hidden spots in the city, Le Marché St. Georges features crepes, lattes, and brunch items.

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9. Campagnolo // 2297 E. Hastings Street 

Dine with friends at one of the best Italian eateries in the city that specializes in affordable yet authentic Italian cuisine. This will deffs give you the European feel but for a budget!

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10. Brioche Urban Eatery // 401 W. Cordova Street 

A hidden spot tucked away in Downtown Vancouver, this eatery is perfect for when you want to feel like you are in the heart of Barcelona at a secret café.

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11. The Wicklow Pub // 610 Stamps Landing 

Why not drink like the Irish but with a beautiful view of Vancouver's landscape? This pub features Irish style beers and eats, but an outdoor patio with an amazing view is a huge plus!

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12. Les Faux Bourgeois // 663 E. 15th Avenue 

Definitely a must for any Europe lover, where classic French dishes like steak frites as well as fine French wines are served. Not to mention, there is nothing Faux about Les Faux Bourgeois!