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12 Places To Go Out In Vancouver This Weekend That Aren't Clubs

When you're too old to go clubbing...
12 Places To Go Out In Vancouver This Weekend That Aren't Clubs

Yeah, clubbing was fun when you just turned 19 and had a whole university first year crew to go with. But little by little that inner grandma/grandpa of yours has creeped in and now even the thought of clubbing is a little too much for you.

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And just when the fear of becoming a true homebody potato-ing on the couch with Netflix is really settling in, and you've even considered watching a Youtube video on "How To Knit", we've come to your rescue. Just because you don't want to go clubbing doesn't mean there's nothing to do.

We know the places to go, and you know the people to go with. Just send that message in the squad group chat or call your SO! Here are 12 places to go in Vancouver this weekend that don't involve the club.

via @nicolehuui

Celebration of Lights Fireworks // English Bay

Who needs strobe lights when you've got fireworks just in your backyard? It's the first night of the Celebration of Lights Fireworks this Saturday, July 29 at dusk and the country to kick off the festivities is Japan! Click here to check out the best spots to watch the fireworks.

via @ipoonstagram

Pizzeria Ludica // 189 Keefer Place

You know what everyone loves? Pizza. You know what everyone also loves? Board games. So when you have a pizza joint that serves the yummiest thin-crust pizzas AND offers board games, you know you're gonna love it. They've also got $5 beers on the menu, so it's time to get savage and destroy your best friend's battle ship.

via @carknerd

Gal Chae Karaoke // 5679 Imperial St

The club isn't the only place you can belt out and get low to Wild Thoughts, you can do that at karaoke too. You can throw back to old school Usher and new school Drake, or even some songs you totally forgot about. And if you can't sing, that's totally cool too, because everyone will be too drunk to notice and you'll be too drunk to care.

via @strangers.n.dangers

Cineplex VIP Cinemas // 170 Schoolhouse St and 452 SW Marine

Gone are the days of sneaking liquor into the theatre because 1) you're too old for those silly things now, and 2) why sneak it in when they serve it? Hit up the VIP Cinemas in Marpole or Coquitlam for a fancy cocktail and movie.

via @insane_but_not_alone

EXP Restaurant & Bar // 309 W Pender St

Crush a beer while you crush your friend or S/O at a game of COD at EXP Bar. This spot lets you drink, eat, and play video games. And on your down time while you're not playing video games, they also have tons of board games too.

via @chanstaagram

Playland Nights // 2901 E Hastings St

Love Playland but hate the kids? #Sorrynotsorry. Then Friday evenings at Playland Nights is perfect for you. This 19+ event has all your favourite rides, and then some, like an axe-throwing station and Playland-inspired drinks, like Cotton Candy Cocktails and Snow Cone vodka. Just drink responsibly...nobody wants your puke all over the Crazy Beach Party ride.

via @mcgriddlesforlife

UNIVRS VR Lounge // #100-8160 Park Rd

If you haven't tried your hand at VR by now, you're definitely living under a rock. If you haven't had a chance yet, now is the time to try out some virtual reality games at the UNIVRS VR Lounge in Richmond where you can "virtually" jump off 13 story buildings and go on impossible roller coaster rides.

via @tmaarz

REVS Bowling // 5502 Lougheed Hwy

There's just something about bowling that brings back memories from your childhood and keeps you going back every once in awhile. Hit up REVS with the squad and strike out some pins as you throw back a couple pints and play some old school arcade games in the back.

Pro-tip: If you skip the weekend and go on Monday after 9PM the first game is $5 and all the games after that are only $1.

via @syitalktoomuch

Back and Forth Bar // 303 Columbia St

Whether you're a ping pong master or you're not exactly the most hand-eye coordinated person, you'll have fun at Back and Forth because the booze will be flowing and your competitive side WILL come out. Go on Sunday nights for super cheap $10/hr ping pong tables and $5 beers.

via @alisa_mm

Illumination Night Market // 12831 River Rd

If you're so over the crowds at the Richmond Night Market, it's time you visited the Illumination Night Market instead. With super cute light statues and delicious street food, you and your friends will be pretty well entertained all evening.

via @kingscafe.winebar

Kings Cafe // 2223 Kingsway

When you're a self-proclaimed grandma or grandpa, Kings Cafe is the perfect place to hang out with your friends because they close at 8PM on Friday night. You won't have to find an excuse to leave and you definitely won't miss your bed time. But the best part, they serve alcohol all day. So grab a glass of wine (or my favourite is their Bailey's iced coffee) and just chill.

via @relishreb

Cafe Deux Soleils // 2096 Commercial Dr

If you're looking for a super chill night with your friends but still want to drink, hit up Cafe Deux Soleils. Every weekend they've got awesome live music lined up. If you consider yourself an artist of any kind, trust me, you'll find like minded creatives here. And by the way, their sangria is to freaking die for!

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