You live in Vancouver and you think you've tried it all but you're truly a creature of habit and you know it. I get it, the lettuce wraps at Cactus Club are pretty delicious but it never hurts to branch out.

As a Vancouverite, it's almost part of your residential agreement to be a foodie in the know. With the help of this list, you can be that friend who knows of the obscure restaurants no one has heard of but is now Becky's favourite spot to have her birthday.

You're welcome, Becky.

Maenam // 1938 W 4th Ave

Voted best restaurant in Metro Vancouver last year and the only good thing to come out of 2016. You'll never eat at Noodle Box again after trying Maenam's pad thai but their cocktails are what will keep you coming back.

Recommended: Fried brussel sprout salad.

Ask For Luigi // 305 Alexander St

I - f-word - love it here. Judging from the outside you might've never stepped inside but when you do ... O...M...G. The seasonal menu is fixed (no, you can't ask for your pasta sans olives) and the maximum group at one table is 6 so ditch some friends and make it an intimate affair.

Recommended: Whatever you do, start with the creamy polenta, escargot & kale dish.

Campagnolo // 1020 Main St

Just move on up! While Camp also has a restaurant downstairs (in fact, that's probably all you've seen walking past) the key is to dine upstairs where fewer people realize is available and they serve brunch. Need I say more?

Recommended: The donuts at brunch ???

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La Mezcaleria // 1622 Commercial Dr

Located as well in Gastown (but go to Commercial first). La Mezcaleria is bringing a taste of Mexico to a mouth near you. Any restaurant that has a variety of fondue options is a place you need to be at. What the hell are you waiting for??

Recommended: Anything with mezcal in it.

Osteria Savio Volpe // 615 Kingsway

If you're anything like me, you hate sharing meals, but Savio Volpe finds a way to make the experience less daunting by offering all dishes that are truly meant to be shared. Unlike my chicken wings at the local pub. Which are JUST MINE!

Recommended: Prosciutto di Parma, apples, Grana

The Acorn // 3995 Main St 

The place that redefines the art of plating. I actually can't even with Acorn. They manage to do the impossible: make food that looks good, taste good. Try to go early in the day to get the natural lighting for what will surely be a food photo shoot for your next Insta post. #yvrfoodie

Recommended: The Harvest.

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Virtuous Pie // 583 Main St

Vegan pizza. Wait! Stop scrolling! It's actually amazing. Made with artisanal nut based cheese, this joint offers 8 pizzas (with the option of gluten-free) as well as ice 'cream' y'all!

Recommended: Stranger Wings.

Les Faux Bourgeois // 663 E 15th Ave

I'm getting increasingly hungry as I write this. This French restaurant is a lot of fun. Or maybe I just had a lot of fun when I went. Regardless of your impending joys, you'll be happy once you order. Oh, and if they have the beef carpaccio on special get it.

Recommended: Moules Marinieres

PiDGiN // 350 Carrall St

Another Adam suggestion. You'll remember him from my coffee article. Seriously, you guys, I don't know how I would operate in this city without him. The philosophy behind PiDGin is that a restaurant can be both beautiful and comfortable. Which is what I tell myself when I wear my UVIC sweatsuit.

Recommended: Adam, thoughts?!

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Burgoo // Multiple Locations 

If you haven't been to Burgoo are you even from Vancouver? Choosing comfort food from different countries and pleasing the masses with cheese, cheese, cheese. Like actually, though. Between the cheese breads (yeah that's plurarl) and the fondue selection it's a lactose intolerant's nightmare.

Recommended: The french onion soup. The top is literally exploding with cheese.

The Sandbar // 1535 Johnston St

Granville Island. Where the streets have no name. Okay, technically they do but I didn't even realize Johnston was a street in Vancouver until I wrote this. Instead of Google Mapsing it, head over to the island and spend a day at the market and the harbour before capping off the evening (or having lunch) at The Sandbar.

Recommended: Anything seafood.

Burdock & Co. // 2701 Main St

Small size. Big flavour. No, I'm not talking about Juicy Fruit, I'm talking about Burdock & Co. Decorated the way you want your dream house to look: exposed white brick with delicate lights strung across the wall. If that wasn't enough to tell you that this place is farm to table, then I don't know what will.

Recommended: Any of the desserts

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