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12 Super Easy BC Hikes If You’re Out Of Breath After 3 Stairs

Just keep hiking, just keep hiking.
12 Super Easy BC Hikes If You’re Out Of Breath After 3 Stairs

One of the best summertime activities in British Columbia is experiencing the great outdoors and enjoying the sunshine while it lasts. But if you're the type of person who gets out of breath after a flight of stairs, and definitely don't have the fitness level to tackle some of the long hikes BC offers, this is for you.

You don't have to be super athletic to enjoy these hikes, and many of them offer amazing views - so you don't have to compromise when your fit friends suggest hiking this summer!

Keep reading for twelve easy hikes in British Columbia that will only take a few hours - perfect for a day trip!

Lighthouse Park // West Vancouver

Lighthouse Park boasts some of the largest Douglas Fir trees in Greater Vancouver, as well as great views of the water. There are also a variety of trails throughout the park, so you can choose how long and how far to hike, and if you just want to grab a view of the iconic lighthouse - it only takes ten minutes!

Sasamat Lake // Port Moody

Sasamat Lake's trail is not only easy but it is accessible all-year round, and offer beautiful views of the lake. The trail is perfect for summer as the trees block out the sun, and allow you have a leisurely, relaxing walk!

Quarry Rock // North Vancouver

One of the more popular hikes near Vancouver, Quarry Rock offers a short hike that leads to an awesome view of Deep Cove - particularly on a clear, sunny day. Dogs are also welcome, and you'll see hikers from all different fitness levels completing this hike!

Cypress Falls // West Vancouver

Cypress Falls is the perfect hike for you if you love chasing waterfalls. Just a short walk takes you through a dense forest full of old Cedar and Douglas Fir trees, and the trail leads to the lower and upper Cypress Falls!

Mystery Lake // Mount Seymour

Mystery Lake is one of the best swimming holes and scenic hikes, and is easily accessible! The shore around the lake is perfect for exploring if you prefer to stay dry, and the short hike to the lake is made up of a short uphill hike.

Dog Mountain Trail // North Vancouver

The Dog Mountain trail is a short and easy hike - and with little elevation so it is perfect for those who get out of breath easily. The peak offers a stunning view of Vancouver on a clear day, and so it is perfect for the upcoming summer months!

Cheakamus Lake // Whistler

One of the easier hikes in Garibaldi Provincial Park due to its minimal elevation gain, Cheakamus Lake offers beautiful scenic views of the turquoise lake, surrounded by mountains and forestry. 

Parkhurst Ghost Town // Whistler

Parkhurst Ghost Town is one of the more unique and interesting hikes on the list - an old logging town on the edge of Green Lake that has since been abandoned. With no elevation, you can spend your time hiking through the area and exploring the abandoned shacks and tractors!

Wild Pacific Trail // Ucluelet

Ranked as the top outdoor attraction in British Columbia by TripAdvisor in 2016, the Wild Pacific Trail offers breathtaking views of the rugged coast and the Pacific Ocean. The trail is easy to follow, wide, and leisurely.

Englishman River Falls // Vancouver Island

Englishman River Falls is a short hike that is less than 2km, featuring a beautiful waterfall at the end of the trail. The trail is dog friendly and there are swimming holes you can take a dip in if the weather permits!

Kinsol Trestle // Cowichan

Part of the Trans Canada Trail, the Kinsol Trestle is one of the largest wooden bridges in the world. Abandoned in 1979, the bridge is now frequented as a historic experience for tourists!

Sugarloaf Mountain // Nanaimo

Via Living Forest

Sugarloaf Mountain is a natural viewpoint that overlooks the picturesque Departure Bay - the perfect spot to watch sunrises! It is a great spot to hike when you want the best payoff for minimal effort.

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