There's something so unique about walking across a suspension bridge. Maybe it's that distinct feeling of being suspended mid-air and the breathtaking scenery that comes with the experience. The Insta-worthy pictures don't hurt either.

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Canada has some really unique suspension bridge experiences that you should definitely make the most of. Walk above raging waterfalls, rushing rapids, wild canyons, lush forests and more all in this beautiful country we get to call home.

Sky Pilot at Sea to Sky Gondola // Squamish, BC

Mountains, sea and sky—this suspension bridge offers it all and more. The Sea to Sky Gondola takes you up top where you can experience unprecedented views of alpine mountains, luscious forests and a stunning fjord. You can take the gondola or hike up. Plus, the bridge is open all year, so you can experience the summit in all four seasons.

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Ranney Gorge Suspension Bridge // Ferris Provincial Park, ON

The suspension bridge overlooks the Ranney Gorge which is the water flow from Ranney Falls. The suspension bridge hangs 300 feet above the gorge below.

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Capilano Suspension Bridge Park // North Vancouver, BC

Capilano Suspension is an iconic BC suspension bridge. The park offers several attractions outside of its a 450 feet long suspension bridge, like the Cliff Walk and Treetop Adventures. During the holiday season, the entire park gets decorated with magical Christmas lights and is a must-see.

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Glacier Skywalk // Jasper National Park, AB

This isn't necessarily a traditional suspension bridge, but it gives you that same feeling of being suspended mid-air. Glacier Skywalk is a cliff-edge glass bridge that is a whooping 918 feet tall. The glass platform allows you to clearly see everything below and provides a new level of excitement.

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Montmorency Falls Park // Montmorency River, QC

Want to walk over a rushing waterfall that's taller than Niagara Falls? There's a suspension bridge for that. Montmorency Falls Park has a suspended footbridge where you can walk right over the 272 feet tall, raging Montmorency Falls below. This is also a great spot for breathtaking views.

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Eagle Canyon Adventures // Dorion, ON

Want to walk across the longest suspension footbridge in Canada? Then make your way over to Eagle Canyon Adventures. The suspension bridge is 600 feet long! For adrenaline junkies, you can even zipline to the bottom of the canyon after your suspension bridge adventures.

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Belfountain Conservation Area // Credit Valley, ON

Walk across a suspension bridge hanging over a beautiful river gorge in the Belfountain Conservation Area.

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Treetops Adventure // North Vancouver, BC

This suspension bridge looks like it came straight out of a Tumblr dream. At the Treetops Adventure in Capilano Suspension Bridge Park, you can wander through the West Coast rainforest. It's made up of seven suspension bridges attached to 250 year old Douglas-firs. Admission is included with entrance to Capilano Suspension Bridge Park.

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Aiguebelle National Park // Abitibi-Témiscamingue, QC

Aside from a breathtaking 210 feet long suspension bridge that sits over La Haie Lake, Aiguebelle National Park offers hikes, pristine lakes, kayaking, camping and of course, beautiful panoramic views.

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Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge // North Vancouver, BC

This beautiful suspension bridge crossing over Lynn Canyon is free! After your walking adventure, you can cool off in the Lynn Canyon pools. Bonus Insta points if you go when it's that perfect level of fog out.

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Yukon Suspension Bridge // Whitehorse, YT

The 57 foot Yukon Suspension Bridge at Tutshi Canyon is only a few miles from the historic White Pass summit. Feel the sway of the bridge as you walk above the beautiful rapids.

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Alexandra Bridge // Spuzzum, BC

Looking for a more retro suspension bridge? Alexandra Bridge was originally built in 1861 and it sits over the Fraser River.

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