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12 Things That Mean ''I Love You'' If You're The Least Romantic Person On Earth

Some guys always pressure themselves to act like Prince Charming. I hope this post will give them a little peace of mind: girls don't really care about super romantic acts. I mean, we won't say no to a trip to Paris and 1 000 white roses, but love is way more than that.

So instead of spending money to win her love, try these 12 simple things.

This post is also for you girls, your man will definitely fall for these.

1. Taking care of your s/o when they're too drunk.

This is real love. If he holds your hair while your face is on the toilet, he really loves you.

2. A good morning/good night text.

It only takes 2 seconds, and it's sooo sweet.

3. Prepare or buy a coffee for him/her.

If he wakes up before you and brings you coffee to bed, it's meant to be.

4. A hand on your thigh.

The girl of your dream puts her hand on your thigh while you're driving? It probably means that she feels great affection for you.

5. Watching a movie/TV show because they like it.

I sorry, but I've hated the premiere of HBO's Westworld, and I am pretty sure my boyfriend didn't liked Bridget Jones's Baby. Did we complain Yes, the entire time. Did it made the other person happy? Totally.

6. Defrost their car windows in the morning.

For me, this is the greatest gesture of all.

7. Drive them somewhere.

It's so annoying to get in the car when you're super comfortable on your coach sometimes. But the look on their face at the bus stop is worth it.

8. Cook for them if they're sick.

Nothing is more comforting than a delicious home-made soup.

9. Pass by their place, unannounced, to say hello.

Way more romantic than a Snap.

10. Make a silent moment feel comfortable.

I used to invite a friend out whenever I was with my ex to make sure there were no silences (I was 15, he was clearly not the one). Just smile to him/her, and put your hand on theirs.

11. Do an activity that you hate with her/him.

You don't feel like going apple picking on this beautiful Sunday morning? Finish your 'Call of Duty' game and go take some perfect fall Instagrams at the orchard anyways.

12. Try their workout.

One of the best moments of my relationship was when my bf did the Kayla Itsines training with me.

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