Vancouver has no shortage of pretty girls, and it's certainly not a secret that pretty girls use their looks to get what they want. Women in Vancouver make on average about $5000 less than males a year with the same education level and age. So can you really blame us for using what the good Lord gave us to make up for the income we're losing just because we are women? Didn't think so.

Here is a list of  a few things that pretty girls in Vancouver can get away with.

1. Skipping the line at any Granville Street club

There’s no shame in batting your eyelashes at the bouncer and skipping the painful wait for your first vodka cran.

2. Getting free drinks at The Fairmont Pacific Rim Lobby Lounge

Why buy a drink worth as much as a meal when the cute business man to the left is willing to do it for you?

3. Being bandwagon Canucks fans

Let's be honest, blue and green aren’t the easiest colours to pair together. But with a little fashion sense, you can make hockey look good... Even when the Canucks are tanking.

4. Shopping exclusively at Aritzia

In the words of Taylor Swift: The haters gon’ hate - but the clothes fit perfectly, and everyone's drooling over your outfit, whether they want to admit it or not.

5. Wearing athletic wear to The Alexander in Gastown

Because yes, you do look that fabulous in everything.

6. Getting out of traffic tickets

You gotta be pretty and charming for this to work.

7. Wearing UGGS in the summer

Even if it doesn’t suit the outfit or the temperature, you know the girl wearing them is walking on a cloud.

8. Being a complete asshole

Pretty girls feel entitled in Vancouver because people have been giving them what they want for years. Don’t treat us like a princess then be shocked when we act like one, boo.

Gif cred - Giphy

9. Being extremely flirtatious with anyone and everyone

It’s okay to know you’re hot, and it’s okay to have fun with it!

10. Taking too many selfies in The Republic Bathroom

Yes, it may be excessive, but you’re still hitting us up with a ‘Like’.

11. Being chauffeured around everywhere

Since a lot of people in Vancouver don't have cars, meeting a guy with one is like winning the jackpot.

12. Making their boyfriends dress how they want

Well, we can't be see walking around with a scrub. Sometimes hot guys have really bad style.

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