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12 Things To Do In Vancouver If You're Single AF

For all the single ladies.
12 Things To Do In Vancouver If You're Single AF

Summer, the season where everyone is going on cute dates with their s/o and flooding your instagram feed with their overly romantic pics. 

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Yes, it can be tough sometimes to not have someone to do fun things with and call your bae, but being single is fun too. Why not grab your girl squad and go gallivanting around the city doing things that are way more fun than a romantic candlelit dinner for two. 

There are so many wonderful things about being single, so get away from your couch and your Netflix binge and explore all the things you can do in the 604 as a single lady (cue the Beyoncé). 

1. Drinks with the Girl Gang.

Shameful Tiki Room // 4362 Main Street

What better way to feel amazing than going out with your fave girls and feeling like a million bucks. PLUS there are so many cool places to go in the city.

2. Go to a Board Game Bar.

Storm Crow Alehouse // 1619 West Broadway

Sip on some cocktails and play Cards Against Humanity or a game of scrabble with friends! 

3. Drink at a local wine tasting room.

Salt Tasting Room // 45 Blood Alley Gastown 

Head out to some of the coolest places to eat cheese and drink wine with friends!  

4. Bike the Seawall.

Yes, a lot of couples do this but no you don't have to be in a relationship to. This is so much fun to do with some of your good girlfriends (plus you'll get a good gram).

5. Brunch babes.

Medina Cafe // 780 Richards Street
Provence Marinaside // 1177 Marinaside Crescent 

Go for brunch at some of the coolest places in the city. What better way to feel good than eating a stack of waffles with strawberries and whipped cream. 

6. Explore BC.

Dirty Laundry Vineyard // 7311 Fiske St, Summerland, BC

Go to Harrison Hot Springs and do water sports with friends or go to the Okanagan and go out wine tasting at some of the most boujee wineries in the province.

7. Night Market and Chill. Check out the Richmond Night Market and eat some of the yummiest food while shopping some cool finds. 

There's over 200 vendors and 500 food items to choose from including a deep fried Mars bar.

8. Free Outdoor Yoga!

Repeat: free yoga classes. every day of the week. outdoors. What better way to embrace you than with some sun salutations.

Mat Collective will be hosting free outdoor classes at Kits Beach and Riley Park!!

9. Go for a solo hike.

Hiking on your own is better anyways because than you don't have to talk to anyone and you won't get out of breath (b/c that is the reason and not your lack of fitness abilities, keep telling yourself that)

Some of my fave easier hikes are Lynn Canyon and Quarry Rock!

10. Musical festivals.

Who needs to spend money on an s/o when you can spend it on yourself. Check out some of the best artists and dance along with your chicas!

FVDED in the park features artists like the Chainsmokers and Party Next Door!

11. Ice cream all day.

Check out some of the coolest and most hip ice cream places in the city with friends or on your own. Earnest Ice Cream or Soft Peaks are guaranteed to make you as happy as an S/O!

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12. Go for dinner dates with your gals.

Go to an outdoor patio with friends at some of the restaurants with the coolest #views in the city.

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Trust me being in a relationship is awesome, but to borrow some words from Drake (the ultimate s/o) it's more important to know yourself.

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