12 Unusual Hotels Around The World You Need To Stay In Before You Die

Because life is too short to stay in another Best Western.
12 Unusual Hotels Around The World You Need To Stay In Before You Die

As someone who is seriously addicted to travel, I am always online looking at places I want to visit next. Everything from flights, to things to do and places to stay.

Inspired by my desire to stay in an authentic igloo I found myself looking for the most unusual hotels around the world and found some pretty great places that you need to see!

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These 12 hotels are anything but ordinary! Find yourself deep within the forest in a luxurious cabin or floating high above the sky in Sweden's UFO themed spaceship suite.

If any of that peaks your interest, keep reading! Here are 12 unusual hotels around the world that you have stay at before your die:

Photo cred - hotelscombined.com

1.  Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort // Saariselka, Finland

Ever dreamt of sleeping in an igloo? Well now you can, as long as your willing to take a trip to Finland. Located in Saariselka, this unique hotel offers bike rentals, has an in suite kitchenette, dry cleaning and airport transportation. Activities like hiking, fishing and horseback riding are nearby. A night here will cost you around $470.

Photo cred - www.themantaresort.com

2.The Manta Resort // Wumawimbi Beach, Tanzania

Featuring 19 rooms, an outdoor pool and this unreal underwater suite. You can watch the schools of fish swim past right from the comfort of your hotel bed. Work on your tan on the rooftop deck of the floating structure during the day and watch as the lights around the bedroom windows attract all different kind of fish!

Photo cred - www.hotelscombined.com

3. Hotel Costa Verde // Costa Rica

Nestled deep within the rainforest in Costa Rica, you can rent this unreal Boeing 727 suite. Salvaged from Colombia's Avianca Airlines and now used as luxury suite for you to play Captain for the night!

Photo cred - www.hotelscombined.com

4. Conrad Maldives // Rangali Island, Maldives

The Maldive are one of our planets disappearing islands, so I recommend you start saving your dollars for this memorable adventure! This 5-star luxury resort offer an open-air cinema, submarine cruises, a whirlpool, outdoor tennis courts, swimming pool and a private beach. The over-water beach villas are a must see!

Photo cred - freespiritspheres.com

5. Free Spirit Spheres // BC, Canada

The ultimate tree house adventure in BC! Perched amongst the trees in the forest 15 minutes north of Parksville on Vancouver Island. These eco-friendly spheres will teach you a lesson in the importance of tree life in BC forests!

Photo cred - www.crazyhouse.vn

6. Hang Nga Guesthouse // Vietnam

Also know as the "Crazy House" this cool guesthouse in Da Lat, Vietnam is one of a kind. Built with off-shape windows and all kinds of structures to explore. The rooms are named after wild animals and the interior is designed to have your running through a maze to find your room!

Photo cred - kolarbyn.se

7. Kolarbyn Ecolodge // Sweden

The ultimate back country hotel! With no wifi, no electricity and wood-fire stoves, you are sure to get off the radar at this amazing Swedish hotel. A forest well nearby provides some of the cleanest drinking water in the world, and candlelight will be your only option for light!

Photo cred - www.attrap-reves.com

8. Attrap Reves Hotel // France

Did you ever see that movie Bubble Boy with Jake Gyllenhall? This totally reminds me of him, just your not stuck inside having to deal with your mom bothering you every two seconds. These clear orbs are a nature lovers dream, nestled deep in the forest this will be an unforgettable experience.

photo cred - www.thesafaricollection.com

9. Giraffe Manor // Nairobi, Kenya

Live amongst the giraffes at this stunning Kenyan resort. Giraffe Manor is one of the most elegant hotels in Nairobi and the giraffes are not shy at all! The amazing staff and all-star food make this a top-notch getaway. Although you might have to sell your car to afford it.

Photo cred - www.treehotel.se

10. Mirrorcube Treehouse Hotel // Sweden

Who wouldn't want to relive some childhood memories in this one of kind Treehouse in Sweden? The mirrored glass exterior walls camouflage this unique hotel into its surroundings. The treehouse offers a panoramic view, in suite lounge and a rooftop terrace.

Photo cred - www.treehotel.se

11. The UFO //  Sweden

This place is the bomb, if you're a big X-Files fan like myself, you should check this place out ASAP! Built for five people, the interior will make you feel like you have been abducted! Free wifi in the space craft and a sauna nearby will have you feeling right at home...in a spaceship.

photo cred - www.treehotel.se

12. The Nest // Sweden

Live like a bird in the trees in this insanely cool nest suite in Sweden. A retractable staircase will lead you up to the nest where you will find yourself camouflaged within the trees.

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