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12-Year-Old Missing Boy From Abbotsford Finally Found By Canadian Police Yesterday

Brandon Smitten, 12-year-old missing boy, finally found safe and sound by Abbotsford police.

On Saturday, Abbotsford Police confirmed that a 12-year-old boy, Brandon Smitten, went missing from his home in BC on Saturday night.  Abbotsford Police issued a news release stating that Smitten was missing and that they needed the public's help in finding him. It was confirmed on Sunday that after hours of searching, the 12-year-old boy, Brandon Smitten, was finally found safely by Canadian police.

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According to the news release, Smitten was last seen around 3:30 PM on Saturday, March 30. He was reported missing to the local police department that evening by his parents. Throughout the night, local law enforcement tried to locate the missing boy but had no such luck. 

Smitten's mother confirmed that she has last seen her son around 3:30 when she dropped him off at a local skatepark at 3100 block on Clearbrook Road. After two hours, Smitten's mother returned to pick up her son but couldn't find him anywhere. 

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According to his mother, this type of behaviour was extremely uncommon for her son, which is what launched the search for his retrieval. Thankfully, after local police got involved and spread the word that Smitton was missing, they were able to safely locate him the next day.

Through the night, police and Smitton's family attempted to contact him but they were unsuccessful. 

Via Abbotsford Police Department

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Police confirmed on Sunday afternoon that Smitton was located safe and sound. They also confirmed that the boy was found after they received help from the public. A local citizen spotted Smitton based on the description that the police released, helping law enforcement safely locate the missing boy. 

"It is because of this widespread word of mouth and a citizen watching out that has helped us find this young man," local police stated. 

News of Smitton's disappearance spread across the country very quickly. Canadians from each border were worried over the missing child. Thankfully, with the help of the public and law enforcement, Brandon Smitton was found safely.

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The police haven't stated exactly where Smitton was found or at what time, but they stated that he went missing on Saturday around 3:30 PM and confirmed that he was found on Sunday just before noon.