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12 Amazing Yoga Teachers In Vancouver Who Will Help You De-Stress From The Week

Let's face it, with new jobs and midterms we are all in need of ways to de-stress from the week. Enter yoga: the lifestyle exercise of choice in Vancouver.

Not only is yoga calming but it can also be the great workout, social gathering, and spiritual awakening that you've been craving.

Vancouver is the yoga capital of Canada and there are tons of studios with an exceptional spread of teachers who have trained and taught all over the world.

Here is a small list of some of the talent you may find around the city.

Sarah Trivett // Karma Teachers

A true student of yoga, Sarah is often immersed in yogic text, scripture, and Sanskrit which she then transfers into her classes.

Join Sarah every Monday night at Karma Teachers for a BY DONATION Jivamukti class. Sarah also teaches at YYOGA as well as Ocean and Crow where she leads a - can't miss - 7 week progressive on the Chakras.

Website: Sarah Trivett

Andrea Klein // YYOGA

Andrea is all about the inner work. She helps you find the connection between your inner peace and strength and how to apply them to the world around you.

Andrea takes the road less travelled in her classes. Check her out at YYOGA for a hot yoga class featuring loud music, high energy, and good vibes.

Website: Andrea Klein Love

Jeff Boyd // Moksha Yoga

Shifting his focus from his passion for rugby, Jeff found a way to rehabilitate his body after an injury with yoga. This free spirit hails from the East Coast but has found his home here on the West.

Find Jeff at Karma teachers as well as Spartacus Gym.

Website: Jeff Boyd Yoga

Sina Shalbaf // Dharma Temple

Co-founder of Dharma Temple and an instructor who wants to make you smile. Join Sina at Dharma Temple on Main for a class of enlightenment and alignment.

Website: The Dharma Temple

Genieve Burley // One Yoga

Dr. Genieve Burley is a yoga teacher and chiropractor who is passionate about health and wellness.

Find Genieve at The Hot Box, Shine Yoga, Megan Campbell Yoga, and YYOGA.

Website: Genieve Burley

Julie Peters // Ocean & Crow

Yogi, author, and studio owner, Julie Peters can do it all!

Her studio, Ocean & Crow focusses on yoga workshops that are meant to give the students a well-rounded experience as the weeks go by.

Try one of the Yoga on Us! classes that the studio offers to get a taste of what the workshops will be like!

Website: JCPeters

via Zoe Green

via Zoe Green

Zoe Green // Semperviva

It's hard to list the things Zoe doesn't do. As yoga instructor, fitness instructor, and nutrition expert, Zoe combines the world of fitness with the world of wellness. She believes that "With awareness, compassion, and play, we begin to leave our stories behind and relax back into the captivating richness of life."

You can also find Zoe at YYOGA.

Website: Zoe Green Yoga

Jeff Grace // The Yoga Root

Yoga for Runners! Yoga for Swimmers! With experience in coaching, Jeff combines yoga with sports to create programs geared towards elite athletes and, as he calls it "the weekend warrior."

Find Jeff at Twist, MEC, and Om Prem Yoga.

Website: Excel With Grace

Christie Baumgartner // Equinox

Christie wants to bring the sense of community from your backyard to your mat. Her goal is to bring awareness to the power of treating ourselves and others with compassion and love.

Christie also works at YYOGA.

Website: Christie Baumgartner

via Jayme Burke

via Jayme Burke

Jayme Burke // Vancouver Corporate Yoga

Jayme believes that who we are on the mat we are in life. With an array of modifications and opportunities to go deeper in the practice, Jayme wants you to feel challenged but safe on and off the mat.

You can also find Jayme at YYOGA.

Website: Jayme Burke Yoga

Brittany Sharpe // Unity

A trip to South East Asia is what inspired Brittany to begin her yoga practice. A couple years later she became a certified instructor where she creates a warm and welcoming space for her students.

Find her at Bodhi Studios, Appnovation Technologies, and YYOGA.

Website: Brittany Sharpe Yoga

Risto Duggan // Stretch

With a background in Hip-Hop and multiple sports, Risto keeps his practice powerful but light. As he likes to say, "Practice and Breathe with Balance and Grace…. Less struggle, more surrender… Less ego, more compassion."

You can also find Risto at One Yoga, YYoga and DMC

Website: Risto Duggan

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