13 Places To Spend Your Christmas Break In BC If You're Broke AF

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13 Places To Spend Your Christmas Break In BC If You're Broke AF

We can't all afford to jet off to Cancun this Christmas. We all have that one friend that whisks away on tropical vacations every holiday season. Or the friend that flies to London or NYC, and you have to double tap all of their Christmas-y pictures that you know they will be posting all December long.

Do you want some picturesque Christmas vacation plans - that won't break the bank? I've got you covered. If you can't afford to fly over to NYC whenever you please, maybe something local will suffice. I've listed the best places to spend your Christmas break if you need a change of scenery. We have everything from small-town getaways to five-star ski resorts.

If you vacation at any of these BC spots, your Instagram feed will be 💣! We've covered the entire province, we have towns on Vancouver Island, all of BC's major cities, and our most beloved mountains! If making plans is hard for you, we've laid it all out and I've even detailed why you need to visit each spot.

Start packing!

Small Town Getaways 🏕

Big City Trips 🏙

Ski Resort Vacations 🏔

Luxurious Spas 🛁

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Small Town Getaways 🏕

Get out of the city and drive to one of these small towns for a mini vacation. If you can't afford traveling out of the country this Christmas, take advantage of these underrated idyllic towns that are perfect during winter.


Why you should go: Tofino is a given. I can't think of a more romantic getaway than grabbing your boo and cuddling up in one of Tofino's iconic cabins. If you're broke, split a cabin with your BF/GF or a bunch of friends! This is the perfect weekend winter getaway.

Salt Spring Island

Why you should go: Salt Spring Island is slowly becoming the hot vacation spot of BC. Usually BC residents retreat to this clutter of islands for their summer vacations, but why not check it out in the winter! I bet you could find some great hotel deals during the off season.


Why you should go: Sooke is a super cute small(ish) town located on Vancouver Island. It's close enough to Victoria that if you wanted to go out, you totally could. OR you can disconnect and enjoy the vibes in Sooke. Also, you can find great houses to rent for super cheap in Sooke on Airbnb.

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Big City Trips 🏙

Don't want to travel outside of the province, but you still want big city vibes? Check out these major cities this winter for the perfect big city getaway. Oh, and you're bound to find a ton of free Christmas related events to attend in these cities!


Why you should go: Well if you're reading this, you're probably from the lower mainland. Which means you can definitely stay put and enjoy everything that Vancouver has to offer this Christmas. If you're not from Vancouver, then you should definitely travel into the city to enjoy all of the crazy christmasy events that are going on all winter long.


Why you should go: Victoria is so underrated. There is way more to do in Vic than just going to Parliament or the Royal BC Museum. The nightlife in Victoria is crazy fun. You can't beat a night at the Sticky Wicket - trust me. Not to mention, the scenery is gorgeous in Vic.


Why you should go: If you haven't spent winter in Kelowna, you're missing out. The city was designed for Christmas. They even have an outdoor skating rink plunked right in the centre of downtown. Oh, and Big White Ski Resort has incredible snow perfect for your snowboarding needs. Don't miss out on this crazy winter kick-off party (and it's free)!


Why you should go: If you haven't been to Kamloops before, you need to check out the Sun Peaks Ski Resort! This low key city is perfect for a mini winter vacation. Get out of town and check out this cute ski town! Make sure to check out the wildlife at their 106 acre rehabilitation zoo, BC Wildlife Park.

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Ski Resort Vacations 🏔

Some families prefer to get out of the city during the holidays and relax in the mountainside. If you don't have the finances to jet off to the Swiss Alps, you can definitely drove over to one of BC's beautiful mountains for a little Christmas vacation.

Big White Ski Resort

Why you should go: This ski resort doesn't get enough credit from people in the Lower Mainland. If you're from the interior then you know how amazing the powder is in Kelowna. Sure, the Okanagan is famous for wineries and summer getaways but what do you think they do all winter long?! They're shredding on the mountains, duh!

Silver Star Mountain Resort

Why you should go: Silverstar is the perfect place to get away from the city. This mountain is incredibly underrated. This resort is known for their powdery snow, which is perfect for the seasoned boarder. This ski resort is beloved by many and it's probably the least busy in regards to mountains in the Okanagan.

Mount Washington Alpine Resort

Why you should go: Have you heard of Mount Washington Alpine Resort? I hadn't until today! Apparently this resort is a serious gem. The mountain is located on Vancouver Island and you should definitely check it out! The snow looks amazing in the picture above, I'll definitely be heading over there this winter.

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Luxurious Spas 🛁

Do you ever just want to retreat into a bath of relaxation? You totally can, all. weekend. long. This Christmas break retreat to these incredible spa resorts that are fully equipped with massage therapy, facials, body wraps and all the hot tubs you could imagine.

Scandinave Spa Whistler

Why you should go: This one is super obvious, but I can't not include our most coveted winter oasis. Winter and Whistler go hand in hand. Many Vancouverites seek refuge in Whistler during the Christmas holidays. If you're looking to getaway, this mountain is perfect because it is designed to entertain and relax you!

Sparkling Hill Resort & Spa

Why you should go: If you haven't been to Sparkling Hill before, you need to grab your computer and book a weekend there, right now. It's incredible. The views are amazing, and the resort is located outside of the city, perfect for a getaway. Don't forget to grab their weekend brunch, it's to-die-for.

Harrison Hot Springs Resort & Spa

Why you should go: De-stress at this gorgeous spa and resort in Harrison Hot Springs. It's almost like going on an expensive vacation, right? Spend a few nights in Harrison and forget about all of your worries. This super small town is super low key and is perfect if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of Vancouver.

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