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The 12 Highest Paying Summer Jobs You Can Get In Vancouver Right Now

Full-time & part-time positions in the city.
The 12 Highest Paying Summer Jobs You Can Get In Vancouver Right Now

If you've waited until now to look for for a gig this summer, don't worry! Good things come to those who wait. There's always going to be someone who wants to hire you and add your skills to their team. 

The best summer jobs are the ones that let you feel the sun on your face a bit or that give you air-conditioning to escape the heat. They give you a space to learn and grow or they give you a chance to get out there and see cool events and happenings around Vancouver!

No matter what your ideal summer job is, there's one on this list that will be a great fit for you this summer. Remember, no job is forever so just have fun with it and commit to learning and growing your bank account this summer.

Here are 13 last-minute summer jobs you can get right now in Vancouver for your most profitable summer yet:

Event Production Worker

Wage expectation: $15 per hour

How does putting together events and parties sound? There are a ton of events and happenings in Vancouver in the summer. Private party planners and even the Richmond Night Market are looking for fun and enthusiastic staff to help their events get popping this summer and it's some of the most fun you can have on the job.

Bike Rentals Or Repairs

Wage expectation: $15 to $18 per hour

Vancouver has a lot of cyclists, but there's like an exponential boom of cyclists in the summer! When the weather is good, everyone gets out their rusted bikes or rushes to the bike shop to rent one. Either way, the bike shops need staff! Whether you know how to tune a bike or not, there's probably a bike shop looking for your help this summer.


Wage expectation: $20 per hour

You can really clean-up as housekeeping staff! The job is not that complicated or glamorous but it's a good way to make money. There are a ton of hotels looking for seasonal helpers and it's a good way to break into hospitality or just make some cash over the summer.

Summer Camp Instructor

Wage expectation: $16 to $20 per hour

One of the best summer jobs ever (if you like kids!) is working at a summer camp. Whether you're just having fun with them at the park or teaching them a skill—this is a rewarding job and it's perfect for anyone who's thinking of being a teacher or instructor long-term!

Social Media Intern

Wage expectation: $20 per hour

Put your social-media prowess to some good use this summer and get a position as a social media manager. You'll get paid to do what you're already doing on your own social media and pick up a ton of knowledge and skills this summer.

Brand Ambassador

Wage expectation: $15 to $23 per hour

Want to be part of a street team this year? Brands and companies are always looking for peppy folks to rep their brand in the summer around Vancouver. You'll get to work outside, work with the public and check out a ton of events while getting paid!

Hotel Front Desk Worker

Wage expectation: $15 to $17 per hour

If you have a friendly face and a good phone voice, then getting a job at a hotel front desk is a slam dunk for you this summer. Hotels are nice and air-conditioned in the summer and they'll be looking for seasonal help to deal with all the extra tourism in Vancouver while it's not raining


Wage expectation: $17 to $18 per hour

You'll get plenty of exercise, fresh air and sunshine working as a landscaper! This is the perfect job if you hate being stuck behind a desk. There's always plenty of work in the summer and you could even start up your own side hustle with your weed wacker and lawnmower.


Wage expectation: $15 per hour + tips $$$

You can't throw a rock in Vancouver without seeing a "help wanted" sign at a restaurant. If you want to make a go of it as a server this summer, then pick a restaurant with a patio so you'll at least get some sunshine while you're working!

Marketing Intern

Wage expectation: $16 to $18 per hour

Jumping on as a marketing intern is a great way to learn on-the-job. If you're studying marketing or just curious you can get a position in the marketing department. You'll be at the bottom of the ladder but that's the best place to be sometimes—fewer responsibilities and lots of opportunities to learn!

Production Labourer

Wage expectation: $17.33 per hour

There are a ton of production jobs in Vancouver that need help this summer. Working with your hands, meeting production goals and working as a team are all part and parcel of this fun position.

Fundraising Rep

Wage expectation: $19.50 to $25.50

If you're super bubbly and have a heart for social justice, then you should try your hand as a fundraising rep! You'll chat to people about the charity you rep and the issues you care about. As an added bonus, you'll also get a colourful vest to wear!

Summer Jobs At The PNE

Wage expectation: $16 per hour

The PNE is about to fill all of their positions! Get your resume in for this last-minute gig and you'll be having fun at the fair before you know it. This is the best position for maximum fun with minimum commitment and a decent paycheck!

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