Let me tell you, I did not mind doing this little assignment. Vancouver is STACKED with trainers who are #bodgoals.

It's the last day of January and I KNOW you're probably already thinking about ditching your resolution but hold up and check out the talent on this list. I bet once you stumble across any of these trainers across Van you may reconsider that Big Mac to focus on your 6pack.

So get your #bootygains2k17 ready and, in the immortal words of Bad Gal Riri, work work work work work.



Steve Hackett // YYOGA

Hailing from a land down under. Big Steve moved to Vancouver from Perth and quickly became a household name at YYoga as a TRX and YFit instructor. His energetic vibe and genuine love for his job fills the studio with like-minded individuals, and his Exercise Science Degree makes him legit AF. You can also catch Steve at Equinox downtown and Sweat Vancity on the Northshore.

Instagram: @stevehackett



Christine Banno // Sweat Vancity

Enter the sweat. There is no positive force quite like Christine Banno. Owner and co-creator of Sweat Vancity, Christine is also the main trainer at this gorgeous Northshore studio. Sweat offers both private and group training but specializes in TRX. With 6 rotating classes from beginner to advance, Christine makes sure the class always focusses on alignment and the synchronized connection between mind and body. Her philosophy? "When you fall into a line of what you really love and what lights you up [...] things just happen." - Christine

Instagram: @sweat.vancity

via @lukesykes13

via @lukesykes13

Luke Sykes // EQUINOX

Trainer SLASH Model...and not the other way around. Luke is not just the Zoolander of the training world, he's also a bad a$$ instructor who wants to help you get in shape so that you too can be really, really, ridiculously good looking. You can also find Luke at YYoga.

Instagram: @lukesykes13



Francarlos Leon // BeLive Fitness

Imagine working out and clubbing? Well allow Francarlos Leon to make your dreams come true with BeLive Fitness. A full body workout from inside a nightclub with flashing light, loud music, and good vibes. Francarlos takes the best parts of partying and uses it to help you get FIT. Events are held at clubs like Venue on Granville where things get LITTTT.

Instagram: francarlos.l



Kevin Maynard // EP FITNESS

"Inner honesty feels like the burpee of character growth." Kev bringing the philosophy game hard! His experience and knowledge in physical training are evident with his creative classes and unique modifications. He shows the world that a positive mindset, daily affirmations, and goal setting WORK and we are all in awe of his vibe. #goalgoals. You can also find Kevin at Equinox and YYoga.

Instagram: @kevinmaynard1


via @simonpelland

Simon Pelland // Private Training

Get ready for the Simon Sizzle ? A Vancouver kinesiologist and trainer, Simon is all about proper alignment. This gentle giant combines energetic enthusiasm with positivity while making your glutes BURN. Seriously you guys, I didn't know how to squat before I met Simon. Now I can't feel my legs 2-3 times a week. Find him at YYoga, Equinox, Academy, and contact for private training.

Contact: Pelland.Simon@gmail.com

Instagram: @simonpelland

via @benedu14

via @benedu14

Benjamin Kwamina Edu // BEFitness

He may be 22 but he's riiiipped. Ben specializes in 1on1 training in Surrey but also does online programs worldwide! He feels like he has found his passionate in fitness and helping others get in shape. And with that body, I don't doubt it!

Contact: BenjaminEduFitness@hotmail.com

Instagram: @benedu14



Sarah Devlin // Sweat Vancity

Northshore, represent! Sarah's personal training ranges past the conventional styles of teaching. While she leads TRX at the Sweat Vancity studio she also spearheads Pilates and *the latest in fitness* Barre (!!!) which takes the conditioning parts of ballet and combines them with personal training. Yeah, girl!

Instagram: @sara__delvin

via @krystalfitstudio


Amanda Krystalovich // KrystalFIT

Fitness runs in Amanda's blood. Her mother used to train which inspired her to do the same and open KrystalFIT, her studio in South Granville. Her sister, Kari, will occasionally pop in to lead a Saturday session to give the whole studio a very Sister Sledge vibe. Her secret weapon: The Power-Plate. Its vibrations cause an automatic reflex muscle contraction of 30-50 a second. 30 minutes on the power plate equates to 1 hour of traditional training!! And who doesn't love a full workout in half the time?

Instagram: @krystalfitstudio



Meghan Amelia // Private Training

Meghan is her name. Longevity is her game. A multi WBFF championship winner, Meghan now does 1on1 training in North Vancouver and believes, “My emphasis is on a proper balanced diet (flexible dieting) and functional physical fitness; [...] I strive to make people more comfortable with fitness and to better understand its lifelong benefits.”

Contact: http://meghanameliafitness.com

Instagram: @meghanamelia



Jonathan Phang // Pulse Cycling

You can always spot Jonathan Phang in a room because his smile shines so brightly across the room. As a school teacher, Jonathan has the patience and encouragement you want in a trainer and you can always count on him to change up the routine! Find Jonathan spinning at Pulse, and at YYoga where he also teaches TRX.

Instagram: @jonphang



Cody Wilson // The Dailey Method

Burn baby burn! Spin-star Cody Wilson destroys the cycle game in Vancouver. Originally from Vancouver Island, Cody has entered the zone where when you think spin you think Wil-son. No, really, it rhymes...Cody is also a certified personal trainer who has taken his talents to YYoga where you can catch him on the bike and in YFit classes where if you're lucky you'll get a BSB cool down.

Instagram: @cwils_92



Julian Haig // Kondi Studio

Another Australian who made the great escape and another trainer who just loves ORANGE MOCHA FRAPPUCINOS. No, of course not. Julian doesn't mess with that. You can tell from his abs. Find him at Kondi Studio where he is a TRX instructor and a high-intensity interval trainer.

Instagram: @julianhaig

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