14 Adorable Vancouver Date Ideas Your GF Secretly Wishes You'd Take Her On

She'll scream at how cute these are!
14 Adorable Vancouver Date Ideas Your GF Secretly Wishes You'd Take Her On

What ever happened to that giant list of things that you and your girlfriend (or boyfriend) had when you first met? There was so much you guys wanted to do, but when you're stuck making a decisions it either: A) takes you over 10 minutes to decide which direction to drive in, or B) you're stuck at a crossroad and end up eating at the same place... again. 

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Well there's no better time than the present and what better gift would there be than to surprise her with an adorable date?! She'll love the thought you put into it, and it'll be a fun-fulled afternoon or evening... just don't show her this list. We'll say it was all your idea. 

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1. Watch the Celebration of Lights with her at one of these beaches! 

They're coming up fast and it's the perfect impromptu date! Grab a blanket, get cozy and prepare for a fantastic night. This Saturday is the last day!

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2. Take her on a beautiful nature walk through the VanDusen Gardens. 

Admission is less than $10 and it makes for an amazing, peaceful and breathtaking walk!

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3. Take her for appys and a liquid meal featuring some frosé! 

Frosé (Frozen rosé) has quickly become one of the biggest summer trends of 2017, and Cactus Club is the perfect place to get it!

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4. Take her paddleboarding in Deep Cove

A day spent on the water makes for an adorable date; you can find cheaper rentals at MEC as well!

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5. Take her for a beach picnic on a warm summer evening. 

It's romantic, it's warm and you can share a pizza (or two) as you watch the sun set.

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6. Take in all the Vancouver views and go on a Seaplane Tour.

The prices are much more affordable than you think and the views are absolutely unmatched!

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7. Cuddle (and swat mosquitos away) while you watch one of these movies in Stanley Park. 

Bring a blanket, some snacks and some bug spray, it's the perfect upgrade of Netflix and chill.

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8. Buy her a drink at the Richmond Night Market! 

A pretty drink at that. Along with lots and lots of eye-catching snacks, you'll both come hungry and leave happy!

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9. Make it a day trip and take her to this lazy river in Whistler. 

Drive up and unwind all the way down with this free-flowing river in the heart of Whistler.

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10. Take her biking on the Stanley Park Seawall

Biking turns the seawall into a perfect date - it's easy, you're moving fast and you're catching amazing views as you go!

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11. Bring her for lunch a this beautiful cafe with its own swing set! 

The food and drinks are delicious, but you'll be more occupied with the awesome indoor swing set that sits in the bar!

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12. Explore and window shop with her at Granville Island

You can take a water bus there and back as you take in the sights, sounds and adorable boutique stores in the island.

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13. This Japanese Garden in Point Grey is the perfect city escape!

Surprise, it's actually the Nitobe Memorial Garden at UBC. But with school still out for a bit longer, it's a quiet and enchanting walk!

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14. Grab fish & chips by the water as you watch the boats in the distance. 

Horseshoe Bay is a short drive, yet offers fantastic views, amazing seafood and is the perfect place to spend a few hours with a loved one.

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