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14 Amazing Places To Travel In The USA If You’re Young, Wild and Free

14 Amazing Places To Travel In The USA If You’re Young, Wild and Free

We all know the Canadian and US dollar are not friends right now, which makes wanting to travel over the border a little less desirable then usual. As an avid traveller I have become the master of finding cheap flights, hotels and tons of free things to do around the cities I travel to.

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If you're desperate for a vacation and want to keep it relatively close to home, these 14 US destinations are a great place to start and they have been ranked as some of the most affordable places to travel in America.

Here are some great tips to help you save money before you plan your next vacay:

Fly through Bellingham or Seattle. Flights are dramatically cheaper then leaving from YVR. Book hotels outside of major cities, or opt for a Hostel. You are bound to meet way more travellers and make new friends this way anyway. Check out local forums to find free things to do in the cities you want to travel to. You will be surprised at how much free stuff there is to do!

Here are 14 cheap places to travel in the US if you are young, broke and restless:

1. Yellowstone National Park // Wyoming

If you have ever wanted to visit the Grand Canyon or Ol' Faithful, now is the time!! There are so many affordable or free things to do once you are inside the Park. From hiking, to kayaking and swimming in the many beautiful hot springs and lakes, you will not be disappointed.

2. Yosemite National Park // California

Fly through Bellingham, Wa. to get flights to Los Angeles for cheap and stay in a hostel instead of a hotel. Yosemite is unlike any park you have ever been to. Amazing waterfalls and 100 year old Sequoia trees cover the park. The Half Dome is waiting to be explored!

3. Seattle // Washington

If you don't the time for a long vacation, Seattle is a great spot to spend a weekend. Only a 2.5 hour drive from Vancouver, load up the car and split a hotel room with the friends. Nightlife in Seattle is unreal and the food will not disappoint!

3. Portland // Oregon

Just a little further down the road from Seattle (3 hours) and you're in America's hidden gem. Small town vibes and amazing craft beer will have you calling in sick for work just to spend one more day on the streets of Portland. Did I mention marijuana is legal in Oregon? :)

4. New Orleans // Louisiana

Budget hotels in historic buildings will help make this trip affordable and authentic. There is always a party on Bourbon Street so even if you don't make it for Mardi Gras, the city will never fail to impress you with its exciting night life.

5. Charleston // South Carolina

Growing popularity in this destination has brought a price increase to hotels and resorts so planning a trip this winter makes traveling to Charleston way more affordable. The Southern charm of this adorable cobble-stone lined city will leave you in awe.

6. Savannah // Georgia

Another city with some incredible southern charm and some amazing southern food!! Hotels are super affordable and in general the city is not very expensive. Historic architecture lines the streets of Savannah, making for some great snaps for your Insta!

7. Nashville // Tennessee

Add a little country vibe to your holiday! If you are a music buff, check out North Americas country music capitol on your next vacay! Pack up your cowboy hat and get ready to eat some of the best BBQ you have ever had!

8. San Antonio // Texas

Home to the legendary Alamo and River Walk, San Antonio will surprise you with its picturesque landscape! Avoid hotels right in the centre of the city if you don't want to pay a lot. Look for hotels in neighbourhoods like King William and Alamo Heights.

9. Key West // Florida

Ahh the Keyyyyysssss! The more affordable option if you're dying to go to Florida! Similar weather and vibes as Miami or Orlando so you'll still get that great Florida tan you have been wanting! The 7-mile long stretch of bars, clubs, shops and street performers will keep you busy every night!

10. Adirondacks // New York

The Adirondack Mountains have been rated the 3rd Most Affordable Honeymoon Destination and the 9th Best Place To Hike In America. So if you are an avid hiker or outdoors person this is the spot for you! Camping in the area cost next to nothing and will certainly be an experience you never forget.

11. Myrtle Beach // South Carolina

Spring Break Forever! Thinking about Spring Break already? Myrtle Beach was rated #1 for Cheapest Destinations For Spring Break. Flights can get a bit pricey but finding affordable hotels is never hard!

12. Austin // Texas

Austin is one of my favourite places to visit. If you are an avid music fan, I recommend heading down tor Austin for the legendary South By Southwest (SXSW) Festival that happens every year in March. Book your flights ahead of time and get a hotel asap! If you just want to visit the city of Austin, avoid going during March as hotels will be more expensive during the festival.

13. Pittsburg // Pennsylvania

Pittsburg is a very cool east coast city. If you have already been to New York, this is the spot to head next. The old architecture is stunning and pretty much everything in the city, aside from Football tickets, is very reasonably priced!

14. Las Vegas // Nevada

I saved this one for last so I can let you in on my Vegas secrets. Vegas can be super expensive, or it can be really cheap! Book your flight with Allegiant through Bellingham. You can take a $1 Bolt Bus from multiple locations in downtown Vancouver, or drive with your friends and split the $5 a day parking fee at the airport. Use Expedia to book your hotel. If you want to be right on the strip, check out The Flamingo for some great rates and the best location. If you are OK with being slightly off the strip, opt for The Stratosphere, where you can find rooms for $40 a night. Make sure you find a promoter in one of the really nice hotels to hook you up with No Line, No Cover at all the best clubs and PRE DRINK before you head to the club. Drinks are at least $25-$20 each at the club. They are strong AF but I recommend hitting the liquor store, where you can get a 26 of Vodka for $13US. You and the girls will be nice and faded and ready for a night of debauchery.

My experience traveling around the US has always been the most exciting. If you have more great cheap travel tips, leave your comments below!

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