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14 Amazing Vancouver Restaurants That Deliver Because You're Lazy AF

Why leave to get food when the food can come to you.

When you don't feel like leaving your house (or cooking) but are hungry af, these restaurants will deliver food right to your door!

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Whether you are just looking to satisfy your food cravings or are entertaining friends, you can rely on any of these restaurants (all of which offer FREE delivery!) 

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1. Thai house Restaurant // Various Locations 

When you're craving that thai curry or coconut rice, you can order it to come to you rather than leave your house. Check out this delicious Thai place and you won't be disappointed.

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2. Akbar's Own Indian Restaurant // 1905 West Broadway

Sometimes you need some of that butter chicken on a rainy day and this amazing Indian spot has got you covered delivering it straight to your door.

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3. Basil Pasta Bar // 636 Davie Street

This delicious Italian joint with cheap eats and large portions actually delivers pasta directly to you. Also perfect for when you are having people over, because the dishes are HUGE!

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4. Budgies Burritos // 44 Kingsway 

This vegetarian and vegan restaurant features Mexican style burritos and delivers them right to you. It's yummy for those who are vegan but also for everyone else!

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5. Ebisu on Broadway // 601 West Broadway

Check out this delicious Japanese restaurant for some sushi, chicken teriyaki and much more! They deliver right to you from the Broadway location.

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6. Virtuous Pie // 583 Main Street

This unique pizza spot which features all plant-based options is absolutely delicious. They deliver and you can order online, which makes it super easy!

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7. Hubbub // 859 Hornby Street

Check out this sandwich bar where you can build your own sandwich and salad combo - hearty and somewhat healthy sandwiches straight to your door!

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8. Noodlebox // Various Locations

Noodlebox offers both home and office deliveries to your convenience. Their delicious noodle combos are great to eat in front of the TV at home!

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9. Vera's Burger Shack // Various Locations

This burger joint offers super hearty and equally delicious burgers and the great part is they deliver right to you!

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10. Jinya Ramen Bar // 541 Robson Street

Check out this amazing ramen spot that serves anything from dumplings to ramen bowls. You will deffs love it!

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11. Bao Down // 12 Powell Street

One of the most delicious restaurants in Vancouver, try out their chicken bao buns or their chicken and waffles! Both equally yummy!

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12. Earls Kitchen and Bar // Various Locations

Such a classic for pretty much everything from pizza to burgers to chicken strips and fries. Check out door dash and deliver Earls straight to your door!

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13. Paul's Omelettery // 2211 Granville Street

Who doesn't want brunch to be delivered straight to their door, am I right? You can get pancakes, eggs and the whole works delivered right to you so that you don't have to leave your house on Sunday morning (or any morning tbh).

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14. Rain or Shine Ice Cream // Various Locations

Another hit on door dash, get ice cream delivered straight to your door so that you can skip the line and don't have to change out of your sweats! A win-win for everyone!