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14 Most Overrated And Underrated Things To Do In Vancouver

Take the road less travelled.
14 Most Overrated And Underrated Things To Do In Vancouver

Vancouver is a beautiful city, but it isn't a particularly large city. It's small enough that when the word gets out about an awesome place to go, within a short time period, you can expect to see tons of people at that place. Hype travels fast in this city, and things to do and places to go quickly become overcrowded and overrated.

Now don't get me wrong, to say a place is overrated is not to say that it's particularly "bad" in any way. I just mean that there are also many other spots that aren't quite as busy and are just as awesome. Whether it's places to grab coffee or to enjoy the Vancouver weather, there are plenty of underrated places that you can visit!

Be the underdog and take the road less travelled. Here are 14 of the most overrated and underrated things to do in Vancouver!

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Capilano Suspension Bridge // 3735 Capilano Rd

The Capilano Suspension Bridge is gorgeous and there's a reason why thousands of tourists flock to this location every year. However, it can be quite expensive to visit and can get rather crowded.


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Sea-to-Sky Gondola // 36800 British Columbia Hwy 99

Okay so the Sea-to-Sky Gondola may not be any less crowded, but in our opinion, it's way more worth it. If you visit the Gondola on a Saturday after 5PM the tickets are half price and the views are even more epic.

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Stanley Park

Don't get me wrong, Stanley Park is great. But honestly, how many times can you bike around Stanley Park until you get a teensy bit bored of the view. And as you know, there are always so many tourists biking around the bend during the's definitely overrated.


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White Pine Beach // Sasamat Lake

Just further out east is the gorgeous White Pine Beach. This beach gets pretty busy in the summer but nowhere near as crowded as English Bay at Stanley Park. There are also tons of beautiful trails around Sasamat Lake that you can bike or even walk around, and it's definitely a nice change of scenery from downtown Vancouver.

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Grouse Mountain // North Vancouver

Grouse Mountain views are pretty amazing, but you've probably done Grouse a gajillion times and after that insane stairmaster work out you're probably panting for your life with every last breath. It get's a little tiring.

Norvan Falls // North Vancouver

Try a hike with a different view! Norvan Falls has an awesome suspension bridge and a waterfall. It's a bit of a longer hike than Grouse, as it takes about 3-5 hours to complete, but it's not too difficult to hike as the gain is quite stairmaster here.

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Granville Street

When you just turned 19, you probably partied all down Granville Street and all the way back up. But now you that you're older and more "mature" you've realized Granville St is really just a glorified shit show and you no longer want anything to do with it.


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These "hidden" underground bars

Ditch the Granville scene and hit up some underground bars. Trust me, the drinks are better and the crowd is better.

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Chain coffee shops

Stop going to chain coffee shops like Starbucks or Tim's. Understandably, they're reliable and quick, but there are so many better options in Vancouver. Vancouver is a coffee city, and it'd be a shame not to try the much cuter coffee shops around.

These "hidden" coffee shops

There are tons of adorable little coffee shop in Vancouver with great locally roasted coffee. If you're the type of person who likes to grab a cuppa joe and camp for hours in a comfortable little corner with a book in hand, this is the perfect list for you.

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Robson Street

Yes, Robson Street is convenient because everything is super close together. It's basically Metrotown but the street version. But don't you get tired of shopping at Forever 21 and Zara?


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Gastown // West 4th // Main St

There are tons of other shopping neighbourhoods to check out in Vancouver like Gastown, Main St and even West 4th. Walk along these streets and check out the unique boutiques that they have to offer. You might even thrift something awesome!

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Vancouver Art Gallery // 750 Hornby St

Now, the VAG has some lovely collections, but it's one of Vancouver's most popular tourist destinations and can get rather busy. Sometimes it's hard to appreciate art when you've got a whole swarm of tourists pushing around.


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Equinox Art Gallery + Monte Clarke Gallery // 525 Great Northern Way

If you really enjoy art, visit the Equinox and Monte Clarke Gallery. They've got some incredibly unique collections and is definitely much less busy than the VAG.

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