Sometimes you just have to treat yourself to some sweet, sweet dessert on a hot summer day. Yes, we should all technically be training for that summer bod - but with so many epic desserts to be found around Vancouver, who can resist?

Whether you're into shaved ice, ice-cream sundaes, milkshakes, or even pies, we've compiled a list of the best desserts to help you cool off in the upcoming summer months!

My Frosty

Where: Unit 220 2800 E 1st Avenue, Vancouver

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'Tis the season for shaved ice! This Asian dessert spot specialises in bingsoo, a Korean finely shaved ice dessert. The melt-in-your-mouth flakes of ice topped with ice-cream and other treats will be the perfect treat for a summer's day!


La Glace

Where: 2785 W 16th Avenue, Vancouver

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This beautiful ice-cream parlour serves up French-style treats, and makes its ice-cream using the French method - which uses more egg yolks and cream, resulting in a creamier, richer ice-cream. There are so many flavours to choose from - and they also have vegan options!



Where: 12211 3rd Avenue, Richmond

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A quintessential summer treat for those who grew up in Steveston, Screamers are an affordable, refreshing dessert which is basically a mix of slurpee and soft serve ice-cream! It's definitely something you have to try at least once in your life.


Off The Grid Waffles

Where: 2664 Kingsway Street, Vancouver

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Who can say no to a milkshake - particularly a milkshake that looks like the ones at Off The Grid? They are seriously epic, and the cafe also has board games that you can play whilst you hang out. What a great summer chill-out spot when you want to avoid the hot sun!


Bells and Whistles

Where: 3296 Fraser Street, Vancouver

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These are straight up old-school sundaes, made with real milk! With an assortment of different sundae flavours you can get, there's something for everybody!


Black Milk Water

Where: 101a 4501 North Road, Burnaby

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The shaved ice at Black Milk Water is really quite unique, and is different to other Korean shaved ice places around Vancouver. There are also an assortment of flavours to choose from - but their matcha green tea shaved ice is their most popular!


Beta5 Chocolates

Where: 413 Industrial Avenue, Vancouver

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Beta5 is well-known amongst Vancouverites for their delicious cream puffs and chocolates, however during the summer they run Ice Cream Socials each weekend - where they debut new sundae flavours inspired by different music genres! Make sure you check it out before the summer ends!


Cup Full Dessert Cafe

Where: 2079 1163 Pinetree Way, Coquitlam

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Cup Full not only serves the popular Soft Peaks soft serve ice-cream, but also Korean shaved ice in single serve cups! Definitely check this spot out if you are in Coquitlam.


The Pie Hole

Where: 3497 Fraser Street, Vancouver

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Who would have thought pie could be a summer-time dessert? When one thinks of pie, it usually brings up fond memories of warm pie on a cold winter's day - however at The Pie Hole they combine pie with ice-cream to create a pie ice-cream sundae! Pie lovers unite!


Perverted Ice Cream

Where: 797 Thurlow Street, Vancouver

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This newly opened store in Downtown Vancouver has generated a lot of social media buzz lately, due to its creative marketing and cheeky slogans. Using soft serve ice-cream, they have a number of different flavours to try - the only issue we have is which to try first!


Soft Peaks

Where: 25 Alexander Street, Vancouver

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This soft serve is famous in Vancouver, and they are now serving up a food hybrid (and you know how much we love our food hybrids around here)! The frissant (fritter and croissant) ice-cream sandwich is messy - but absolutely delicious.


Flip Side Desserts

Where: 5538 Joyce Street, Vancouver

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This Filipino dessert spot specialises in purple desserts - using taro! If you haven't tried Asian flavours such as ube, pandan, and melon in desserts before, you have to try it at this place, where you can get cakes, shakes, waffles, and more!


I.ce Queen

Where: 2355-4000 No. 3 Road, Richmond

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The only thing that makes an ice-cream experience better is watching it be made right in front of your eyes! Watching the staff mix-up your ice-cream and then scrape it into scrolls right before you is super satisfying, and the rolls are super Instagram-worthy once they are done!



Where: 140-8211 Ackroyd Road, Richmond

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Nothing screams summer more than a crisp, juicy watermelon! Combine shaved ice and watermelon balls, and you have the ultimate summer dessert. Sulmida does it right with their watermelon bingsoo sundae, piled high with melon balls, ice-cream, and condensed milk.