You can definitely elevate a first date into something spectacular. I'm not talking about taking Nancy out for dinner or Sean out to see Bladerunner 2049 at the Scotia Bank theatre. Let's upgrade this first date to something he (or she) will always remember! Not too mention, we live in a city where there are so many cool things to do and places to see.

Grabbing appies at a chain restaurant is just not going to cut it. Everyone needs to be wooed, or at least make it appear that you're wooing someone. Putting a bit of effort into planning something a little more special than your typical dinner and a movie date may just make that special someone fall for you!

Here's what you need for a successful first date. Take your date out to a trendy spot where 1. They'll be able to get to know you better 2. Take sick grams for their feed and 3. Have a memorable time. All the places listed down below will definitely do just that.

Happy dating!

Cascade Room 

Where: 616 Main St // Mount Pleasant

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This is the best place in town if you're "meeting for drinks". The cocktail list at the Cascade room is lengthy and impressive. If you're going for something casual, drinks at the Cascade Room is always a good idea.

Bells and Whistles

Where: 3296 Fraser St // Fraserhood

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Play vintage arcade games at this awesome new bar! Bond over ice cream floats and beer - I think that's a match made in heaven? Anyways, if your guy is into hipster stuff, ski-ball and tons of beer, he will love it here.

Fine Dining In A Garden

Where: 5151 Oak St // Shaughnessy

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Not very many people know about the Shaughnessy Restaurant inside the VanDusen Botanical Garden. This low key restaurant is the perfect secret spot to take your date. Grab your date and eat delicious food in this serene floral setting.

Beer Island 

Where: 1616 Columbia St // Olympic Village

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So, you're not technically allowed to drink in public, and well Beer Island is definitely a public space. So we're definitely not recommending you take your date to this little peninsula in Olympic village and crack open a few local brews. 😉

Classic Movies At The Rio Theatre

Where: 1660 E Broadway // East Vancouver

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I know what you're thinking. You said this wasn't just "dinner and a movie" dates. Taking a date to a historic theatre like Rio and watching cult classics or even a live show is no regular date. This super cute old-school movie date is straight out of the 90's and I love it!

Sunset at Lighthouse Park

Where: 4902 Beacon Ln // West Vancouver

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If you're into something low key, take a walk around Lighthouse Park. This is the perfect spot to bring a date that you want to get to know more. Spread out a blanket and cuddle up at Lighthouse Park to watch the sunset.

Back and Forth Bar

Where: 303 Columbia St // Gastown

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If you're in college then you need to take your Tinder date to Back and Forth bar. It's the epitome of freshmen year. They have those aesthetic lightbulbs hung from all over the ceiling and everyone seems to be 21. Oh, and they have ping pong tables everywhere, so you can challenge your date to a pong off.

Escape A Corn Maze

Where: 5948 156 St // Surrey

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Work together to escape the Bose Farms corn maze! Walk around for hours with your date, getting to know each other and try to find your way out of this extravagant maze.

Extreme Air Park

Where: Various locations

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Take your date to the next level... by flipping around this awesome airpark. This totally reminds me of gymnastics class when I was a kid. Such a fun and nostalgic date idea!

Narrow Lounge 

Where: 1898 Main St // Mount Pleasant

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Meeting for drinks? Take your date to a hidden bar! If a first date took me to a cool underground bar for a first date, I would be so impressed. It definitely shows that you know what's good in the city and you have cool taste in bars.

Vancouver Aquarium 

Where: 845 Avison Way // Stanley Park

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Do you remember going to the Aquarium as a kid and learning about all the different sea animals? It's honestly still so much fun (even as an adult). Take bae on a date to the aquarium. The jellyfish are so fun to watch and the vibe is actually super romantic.

Granville Island 

Where: 1669 Johnston St // Granville Island

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One of my favourite dates of all time was literally walking around Granville Island. Popping into Paper-Ya to read funny birthday cards, tasting the most delicious bagels inside the marketplace and listening to a musician play jazz music in the courtyard.

Share A Boujee Fishbowl At Juniper

Where: 185 Keefer Street // Chinatown

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If you want your date to have a super luxe experience take them to Juniper for cocktails. Their take on a "fishbowl" is spectacular. If you're looking for fishbowls but want something a bit more modest, check out some more here.

Pumpkin Patch

Where: 12725 Laity St // Maple Ridge

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Drive out to a country farm like Laity Pumpkin Patch and go pumpkin picking! This is such a cute date idea. Buy a couple pumpkins and challenge your date to a carve off! Best jack-o-lantern wins.