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14 Secret Places In BC To Take Your Girlfriend This Spring

Your Spring travel bucket list!
14 Secret Places In BC To Take Your Girlfriend This Spring

British Columbia is beautiful and you know it. From Vancouver to Vancouver Island, Whistler to Revelstoke, and even Clearwater to Quesnel, there are so many incredible places to discover.

While your favourite places to visit, like your summer cabin in Kelowna or your lake house on Bowen, will always remain classics, it doesn't hurt to venture out into our great and vast province once in a while.

Humans are creatures of habit, and that's what makes these "secret" places so special. Journey to the places that are little known hidden treasures, even perhaps untouched natural gems. Go on a little road trip with your girlfriend or your best friend and discover some of BC's best-kept secrets.

This is basically your Spring bucket list, you're welcome.

Helmecken Falls

Where: Wells Gray Provincial Park // Clearwater

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Why you should go: As the fourth tallest waterfall in Canada (even taller than Niagara Falls), Helmecken Falls is truly a sight to behold. As winter comes to an end and summer peeking around the corner, it's definitely worth taking a road trip to this incredible provincial park.

Calvert Island

Where: Calvert Island

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Why you should go: Calvert Island is a magical place in BC that will transport you to the Caribbean. With incredible turquoise waters and white sand beaches, this secluded island may be tricky to get to, but so worth the travel.

Branch & Butter

Where: 400 Bowen Island Trunk Rd // Bowen Island

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Why you should go: This adorable shack on Bowen Island is an Insta-gem that you must visit. Not only is the place cute as heck, this two-part boutique sells one-of-a-kind artisanal objects as well as ice cream and toast. How could you possibly pass that up?

Tulips of the Valley

Where: 41310 Yale Rd // Chilliwack

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Why you should go: Returning to Fraser Valley on March 29 is the annual Tulips of the Valley festival. With 20 acres of tulips lined up row by row, you can frolick among the fields certain that your girlfriend will have a smile on her face.

Widgeon Falls

Where: Pitt Lake // Pitt Meadows

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Why you should go: Who would've thought that you'd be able to find a tropical swimming hole in the middle of Pitt Meadows? Just drive out from Pitt River Bridge at Pitt Lake, you can find a secluded swimming cave where you can kayak, canoe, and

Noble Ridge Vineyard & Winery

Where: 2320 Oliver Ranch Rd // Okanagan Falls

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Why you should go: Noble Ridge Winery is an absolute gem. The owner is a true charmer, the staff are always friendly, and the winery itself is stunning. From the vast vineyard to the unique tasting rooms, Noble Ridge will definitely impress you girl. And it doesn't hurt that the wine here is fabulous.

Quarry Lake

Where: Quarry Lake // Texada Island

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Why you should go: Quarry Lake, also known as Heisholt Lake, in Texada Island is perhaps BC's best-kept travel secret. Forget the fact that there's no WiFi here, hardly a restaurant in sight, or that the journey here is an adventure in itself, once you dip into the pristine waters of Quarry Lake you'll transcend to heaven.

WOODS on Pender

Where: 4709 Canal Rd // Pender Island

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Why you should go: Glamping in the summertime is a blast, but glamping during the winter is absolutely magical. WOODS on Pender is a 7.3-acre luxury campground that offers various types of glamping experiences, from airstreams to rustic cabins and more. You can cuddle with your S/O in a hammock and look up at the stars or get steamy in an outdoor hot tub as you take in the enchanted woods.

Alleyne Lake

Where: Kentucky Alleyne Provincial Park // Quilchena

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Why you should go: Are we even in BC anymore? Kentucky Alleyne Provincial Park makes our Pacific Northwest look like Hawaii. With beautiful sandy beaches and a body of water that's giving us serious tropical vibes, Alleyne Lake is the perfect spring break destination.

Chilliwack Lake

Where: Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park // Chilliwack

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Why you should go: In the winter, Chilliwack Lake is a snow-laden wonderland. But when the snow melts, this place sings songs of spring and summer. With sweeping alpine ridges and a pristine glass lake, where else would you rather be than here?

Free Spirit Spheres

Where: 420 Horne Lake Rd // Qualicum Beach

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Why you should go: This BC treasure may have become less and less of a hidden gem over the years, but nonetheless, it is still a gem. Just one night at the Free Spirit Spheres will make you feel like you've become a forest fairy in the deep enchanted woods of Qualicum Beach.

Pavilion Lake

Where: Marble Canyon Provincial Park // Lillooet

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Why you should go: Just a 1.5 hour drive away from Kamloops is the stunning Pavilion Lake. With breathtaking mountain views and a bejewelled lake you can swim in, this place is the perfect destination for a road trip or quick day trip.

Nectar Yoga

Where: 1258 Miller Rd // Bowen Island

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Why you should go: If your girlfriend is all about that yoga life, she will definitely appreciate a trip to Nectar Yoga on Bowen Island. This yoga B&B retreat offers detox and massage services as well as daily yoga classes - just the thing you and your girl need to get away from it all.

Cape Scott Trail

Where: Cape Scott Provincial Park // Vancouver Island

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Why you should go: Tucked away in the depths of the pacific northwest rainforests are the beautiful trails of Cape Scott Provincial Park. All throughout the lush, thick greenery there are labyrinths of wooden boardwalk paths that make for the perfect hike for beginners and seasoned adventurers alike.