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14 Struggles Only Cap U Students Understand

Son of a birch.
14 Struggles Only Cap U Students Understand

Let's be honest, Freshman 15 is a struggle no matter where you go. And everyone has made a bad schedule at least once in their university life (if not yet, soon). There are the all-nighters, the inordinate amounts of caffeine, and the questionable amount of money spent on textbooks. 

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But let's give some love to Capilano University. They're the underdogs; the students that could and still do. And they only pay $6 a day for parking. But nestled in their lush, tree-abundant campus are a handful of struggles - that every Cap U student can relate to. 

1. Every building is named after a tree. 

Which one is Alder and which one is Arbutus - am I the only one who thinks the tree trend is confusing? Sure, you get used to it after a while. But between Cedar, Birch and Fir, you sometimes lose track of what's what.

2. The lack of an on-campus bar. 

SFU has a bar, BCIT has a bar... UBC has multiple bars! Is it really asking for much to have an on-campus bar like the other schools? Knowing Cap, if we had one it'd probably close at 5pm.

3. You can count the number of available food choices on one hand. 

You probably tried this just now. You probably also sighed and shook your head because there is a such thing as too much Subway - and who wants to pay $10 for mediocre cafeteria food?!

4. Most class sizes cap off at 35. 

Call this a blessing and a curse. While small classes are a lot less intimidating, one is prone to being called on by the professor at any time. And the small classes make it impossible to sneak in a nap or hide in the back.

5. Focus, not a major. 

For anyone who doesn't attend Capilano University, the school awards "focuses" - not a major. But feel free to ask any educational advisor, they claim "they're the exact same thing". Try telling that to other university students.

6. Finding your class ends at 6:20 PM and Subway closes at 6 PM. 

Not only is there an inherent lack of food choices at Cap, they all close notoriously early. You could always sneak out during the break, but why bother? The line is so long that class will probably be over by when you get back.

7. The student interface still runs off moodle. 

Didn't my high school use this interface? Didn't every high school use this interface? And isn't moodle so 2010? Sure, don't fix what isn't broken, but there is some serious work that could be done in terms of technology.

8. Everyone you meet is in Tourism & Management. 

Closesly followed by business, then followed by drama or music. Hey, not to bash these great programs, but does anyone here study anything else?

9. You will see an unusually large number of people you went to high school with. 

You could easily call Cap U a town of familiar faces. It's impossible to make it a through a day without seeing someone you know - new students, be prepared.

10. There still isn't any on-campus housing for students. 

There's a surprising number of students who have a crazy commute. From Coquitlam, to Kitsilano, to Richmond, their commute must be just as bad as going to SFU or UBC.

11. Wi-Fi doesn't reach the higher floors of Birch. 

Got a class on the third floor? Wanted to surf facebook instead of taking notes? You thought wrong, poor student. I hope you uploaded your assignments before class. And I hope you have data on your phone.

12. The lack of internship and co-op opportunities. 

So... there aren't any programs or internships offered through the school? That's cool, I guess I'll go back to refreshing jobs on Craigslist.

13. Cap U Confessions has been inactive since January. 

But honestly, you've been reading UBC Confessions anyways, so who's even noticed? And why are they called "Sauder Snakes" anyways?

14. Having an exam on a Saturday. 

Forget the on-campus bar. And it's cool, Alder, Arbutus, Birch, it's all monkeys and bananas. But why, oh why, must there be exams on a Saturday? That's where we draw the line.

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