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14 Super Fun Alternative Birthday Ideas You Can Do In Vancouver If You Don’t Drink

You're typical birthday usually goes like this: pre-drink at your place/your friend's place, go to a bar, and then a club, drink more, take birthday shots, pass out, and forget how you even spent your birthday. And maybe you love it, but for other folk who aren't really into the whole drinking thing, there are still so many awesome ways to have a dope birthday!

There is something on this list for practically everyone, from adrenaline junkies to tea-sippers, fitness rats to day spa lovers. And for your friends who do love to drink, don't even stress! Thev're going to have an awesome time regardless because these birthday activities are honestly just fun.

So here you have it, 14 super fun things to do on your birthday if you don't drink:

1. Go skydiving in Abbostford

How often in your life are you going to get a chance to skydive in your own backyard? Make a day trip to Abby and go skydiving with Skydive Vancouver to celebrate an unforgettable birthday! It's a way better story to say you passed out skydiving on your birthday than saying you passed out on the dance floor at Celebs.

2. Go to a bouldering gym

Maybe you don't drink because you're all about the gains. What better way to celebrate your birthday than to gain more gains? Hit a bouldering gym with your friends like, The Hive, Cliffhanger, and The Edge.

3. Go ceramic painting at Bella Ceramica 

I used to go here all the time as a kid for birthdays, and up until this day, it's still pretty fun. Paint and customize your own ceramics as super cute birthday memorabilia.

4. Take a parkour class at Origins

Don't flip out at the club because the bartender didn't give you free birthday shots, flip out and around at a parkour gym! Chances are you've already been asked by your parkour enthusiast friends to join a class and you might've just been like nahhh , but when's a better time to try new things than on your birthday?

5. Go ziplining in the mountains

Whistler is only 2 hours away from the city, and because you probably already booked the day off for your birthday, you might as well take a day trip out the mountains and go ziplining with Ziptreck! Or okay, you didn't book off your birthday, then go ziplining at Grouse Mountain!

6. Go bungee jumping

Okay, so this one you have to go to Whistler for, but why wouldn't you go to Whistler for your birthday anyway? Go tandem bungee jumping with your best friend or your significant other and pass out from how breathtaking it was, rather than passing out after 21 birthday shots. Get more info at Whistler Bungee.

7. Go pole dancing with your best friends

Your birthday can be fun and sexy, even without a man. Go for a pole fitness class at places like AVA Fitness or Tantra Fitness, with all your closest girls!

8. Shoot it up at a shooting range

Thankfully, as Canadians, not everyone owns a gun. But that doesn't mean you don't have the opportunity to try one! Instead of taking shots at the bar with your hombres, take shots a shooting range like DVC Ventures Gun Range.

9. Take a cooking class

Unleash your inner Julia Child and take a cooking class at awesome cooking schools like The Dirty Apron in Gastown or Nourish in Kits.

10. Have a luxurious afternoon of high tea

High tea, afternoon tea, whatever you call it, you can guarantee that you and your girls will have beautiful birthday photos for the gram. Check out this list of super cute places to go to for high tea, #birthdaygirl.

11. Treat yourself to a self-indulgent spa day

Rihanna said it best, you probably just work, work, work, work, and work, so DON'T WORK on your birthday and relax at a spa! Get a mani-pedi, a back massage, fall asleep to a foot rub. So much better than the club. Check out this list for awesome cheap spas in Vancouver.

12. Go pumpkin picking

Where all my October babies at? We're all basically quite in touch with our Halloween spirit, so why not go to a pumpkin patch, pick a pumpkin and do some carving? There are tons of pumpkin patches like Southlands Farm, Richmond Country Farm, and Gabriel Farms.

13. Forget about the world in a sensory deprivation tank

Maybe you're not much of the social type and you rather shut yourself away from the noise of the world for your birthday. So climb back into that nebulous womb, relive the days before you were born, and go for a float in a sensory deprivation tank at places like Float House or Pure Float.

14. Take a day trip to a hot spring

It's cold outside, so take a dip in one of these awesome hot springs for your birthday! It might be a bit of a drive, but just get your friend to drive you there. It is your birthday anyway.

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