14 Unique Places To Study In Vancouver So You Feel Like You Still Have A Life

Don't let finals season get the best of you.
14 Unique Places To Study In Vancouver So You Feel Like You Still Have A Life

We've just entered November, which means December will be sneaking up on you faster than you think. I know you're all looking forward to winter break, but I also know you're all dreading your hell season finals.

Studying at the library or at home can sometimes feel draining and even make you unmotivated to study. You start to feel so detached from the world and your friends... you've even had to send "Sorry can't, hermit mode" texts to your squad way more than you'd like to be.

So, we've come up with a list of places you can hit up to get you energized for your study sesh and make you feel like you can still be out and about the city rather than under a textbook the weight of a boulder.

From coffee shops serving up your much needed caffeine fix to juiceries that will fuel you up without the caffeine, and everything in between, here are 14 unique places to go studying in Vancouver that will make you feel like you still have a life. Make sure you bring your best study buddies too 😉.

Nectar Juicery //  3633 Main St

Get juiced up at Nectar Juicery's new space on Main St. Not only is the place bright and beautiful, their juices will make you feel good inside and energize you to push through those last few powerpoint notes on your laptop. Don't forget to take some adorable Instas on your study break too.

Nelson The Seagull // 315 Carrall St

If your entire well-being is fueled by coffee and avo toast, Nelson The Seagull is your place to gas up. This cafe is just busy enough to keep you awake and working away, but just quiet enough so you can concentrate. And they've got tons of communal size tables so you can study with the whole squad.

The Federal Store // 2601 Quebec St

Nestled in the corner of Quebec and 11th is one of Mount Pleasant's favourite coffee shops. The atmosphere is super chill, but the coffee is nice and hot. If you're looking for a classic coffee shop with really good avo toast, The Federal Store is your guy.

Zenstone Coffee // 1131-8328 Capstan Way

Treat yo'self and grab a super cute cup of coffee at Zenstone to cheer you up before your hell season of finals. You can even get a matcha cheesecake mousse with matcha waffles here... sold.

MELU Juice Bar // 1110 W Pender St

If you're taking a break from caffeine and need to make health switch because your body is literally drying up like a prune from your four cups of coffee all-nighters, MELU is the perfect spot to get a refreshing mason jar of fresh pressed juice. You can even get awesome vegan pudding and rice bowls.

Buddha-Full Provisions // 102-2120 Dollarton Hwy

Buddha-Full is probably by far one of the most beautiful places to enjoy a vegan smoothie and study. Juice up with some of their amazing organic smoothies, smoothie bowls, and feel-good foods to get your brain going for all those textbook notes you're about to cram in. And if you're lucky, you might even be able to cop a swing spot at the bar too.

Savary Island Pie Co. // 1533 Marine Dr

If you hate running into people you know while you're studying, make a trip out to West Vancouver and get some work done while you snack on the most amazing pies you have ever had in your entire life. The space is super cozy and trés adorable, and their rhubarb pie is superb. Just try not to get any sauce on your notes.

Sweetery Cafe // 340 W 2nd Ave

Whether you just want a creamy latte as your study companion or you need a hearty fried chicken and waffles to get you through your study sesh, Sweetery Cafe + Desserts can provide. The atmosphere is also very cozy and inviting, and you can probably sit here for several hours and no one will shoo you away.

La Foret // 6848 Jubilee Ave

Escape the winter chills and get into a tropical mood with the indoor garden at La Foret. When your eyes are tired from staring at your screen all day long, you can take a glance at the palm trees to give them a rest and when your stomach is growling from the intense brain power you've expended, La Foret has delicious bingsoo and squid ink sandwiches to fill you up.

Heritage Asian Eatery // 1108 W Pender St

This spot is for the student who needs real grub while studying, not just a little cheese and ham sandwich. Heritage serves delicious rice bowls, baos, and matcha man tous. The space is super chill so you won't feel like you have to rush while you eat or study here. Also, make sure you get the fried cauliflower. It is 💣.

33 Acres // 15 W 8th Ave

Who says you can't eat, drink, and study at the same time? 33 Acres does some of the best brews and brunch in the city. Grab a friend, grab some brunch, and then get to cracking at the books while you're at it.

Birds & The Beets // 55 Powell St

This adorable little coffee shop in Gastown is one of my favourites. The exposed brick walls and the bright open space, with tons of other people working away on their laptops will motivate you to get some serious studying done... and so will their avo toast and coffee.

Gallery Cafe // 750 Hornby St

This secluded garden cafe is the perfect spot to enjoy a hot cup of coffee, a cheesy quiche, and then get to studying. It's a really quiet place with ample space and seating, so you won't have to worry about finding a table here. Just so you're informed, the Gallery Cafe does offer internet to guests. Make sure your bring your textbooks to study here!

Field & Social // 415 Dunsmuir St

Get some wood, marble and lecture notes on the gram to let everyone know you study with style. This isn't your average cafe with cookies and cappuccinos. Field & Socials offers some of the healthiest and most wholesome, but freaking delicious, salads you'll ever digested. Ditch the milk and sugar and opt for something that's much better for you and your body.

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