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This Epic Map Will Take You To The 15 Best Ice Cream Spots In Vancouver

Don't waste your time, here's where to get the good stuff🍦
This Epic Map Will Take You To The 15 Best Ice Cream Spots In Vancouver

Real ice cream aficionados are busy licking cones all year long, but even they have to admit that it always tastes better in the summer. You deserve so much better than your average ice cream. You deserve the best in Vancouver! No matter what your style or craving is, there's an ice cream shop that will satisfy your sweet tooth.

Not sure where to go? We've got you covered with a specially curated map that will highlight where you can go for the best ice cream in the city. Bookmark this page so that no matter which neighbourhood you're in this summer, you'll be able to find the closest ice cream shop. This is a good list to keep in mind while you're building your summer bucket list. 

Here are 15 of the best places in the city to get life-affirming ice cream with a map for your convenience:

I.ce Queen

Where: 2967 W Broadway

I.ce Queen creations are incredible. They serve rolled ice cream and they have an impressive variety of flavours and toppings. You can also get bubble tea if the summer heat has you feeling too lazy to use a spoon.

Elephant Garden Creamery

Where: 2080 Commercial Dr

You'll find plenty of delicious Asian-inspired flavours at this newish East Vancouver ice cream spot. Plus, if you're too hungry to be satisfied by just ice cream, you can try an ice cream flight or even their Salted Cheese Boba Tea Toast.

Say Hello Sweets

Where: 2601 Quebec St (at Federal Store and other locations)

Say Hello Sweets sells their deliciousness all over the city but you can often get one of their ice cream sandwiches at Federal Store. They're totally vegan and it's an ice cream dream come true. Each sandwich has a soft base with a generous slab of intensely flavoured ice cream in the middle.

Mister Artisan Ice Cream 

Where: 1141 Mainland St

Mister is finally reopened in Yaletown after renovations and you'll love their offerings. Liquid nitrogen ice cream and inventive sandwich bars will make this an unforgettable ice cream shop this summer.


Where: 797 Thurlow St

This hilarious shop right off of Robson Street serves over-the-top ice cream. Some cones come topped with a condom so we're guessing that you won't have to push a bunch of kids out of the way in the line-up here!

Buckets Ice Cream

Where: 3330 Main St

For a little bit of entertainment with your ice cream, try Buckets! It's liquid nitrogen ice cream made right in front of you in mixers. Their ice cream has a silky smooth texture and their natural ingredients make it taste very nostalgic.

La Glace

Where: 2785 W 16th Ave

If you value high-quality ingredients and European flair over anything, then this ice cream shop is for you. The French-inspired ice cream here has a creme anglais base making it so rich. This is the perfect place to take your girlfriend out for a treat!


Where: 235 E Pender St

This is a great place to go on an extra-hot day because their plant-based dairy-free treats are totally refreshing. These aren't just you're typical fruit-flavoured sorbets, they have creamy vanilla, chocolate and even salted caramel!

Rooster's Ice Cream Bar

Where: 1039 E Broadway

This hidden gem ice cream shop is on a sleepy stretch of Broadway but it's really worth getting off the 99 B Line bus for! It's an adorable neighbourhood joint that you'll love. Grab a delicious homemade ice cream and eat it at nearby China Creek Park for an incredible view of the city while you eat your treat before it melts.

La Casa Gelato

Where: 1033 Venables St

I remember going here as a child and thinking that I wandered into Willy Wonka's Chocolate factory. Well over 200 flavours are always on offer here at this real-life ice cream paradise. You'll love the pink theme, old-school vibes and the unusual offerings like dragonfruit, curry, blue cheese and so many others.

720 Sweets & Etc

Where: 3278 W Broadway

You'll definitely find treats on their menu that you've never seen before. Their ice cream is served with dry ice to make it look extra magical. This is a good place to go if one of you wants milk tea and the other wants ice cream!

Sweet Somethings

Where: 4321 Dunbar St

This Westside gem offers sweet cones and cookie ice cream sandwiches only during the summer so you have to go ASAP! This adorable shop is one-of-a-kind in Vancouver since it's part bakery, cafe, shop and ice cream parlour. You won't regret a trip out here for a treat!

Rain or Shine

Where: 3382 Cambie St (many locations)

Rain or Shine ice cream is another super popular summertime hangout spot and for good reason. They have sundaes and ice cream tacos that are incredibly decadent.

Soft Peaks

Where: 25 Alexander St

Organic milky soft serve with crave-worthy toppings like honeycomb, matcha and red bean. Somehow, their ice cream manages to be both light and indulgent! This Gastown ice cream shop really hits the spot!

Earnest Ice Cream

Where: 1829 Quebec St

No matter how long the line-up, it's always worth it at Earnest Ice Cream. This is one of the most popular places in the city for a reason—their flavours are on-point. They're always making new seasonal favourites that will fast become one of your new food cravings.

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