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15 Insane Canadian Wonders You Should See At Least Once

Explore the country from coast to coast.

Canada is full of cool places unlike any other all-in-one country. From crystal clear Caribbean-like waters to icebergs in the backdrop of a small town, surreal hot springs and more, Canada continues to give us more and more reasons to be proud of our country.

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Whether you're here for a short time, a long time or a lifetime, make the most of your time in this beautiful country and see all the insane wonders Canada has to offer! May you never lose your wonder.

Cape Breton Island // Nova Scotia

Cape Breton Island and the Skyline trail hike should be on everyone's bucket list. Seriously, just check out those views! Cape Breton is seriously scenic and offers one of the prettiest drives in all of Canada.

Bruce Peninsula National Park // Ontario

Who knew the Caribbean could be found in Ontario? Bruce Peninsula has crystal clear turquoise waters—who's ready for a beach getaway? The national park also features massive cliffs and thousand year old cedar trees. Find your own tropical paradise here.

Liard River // British Columbia

Thank goodness that Canada knew to provide hot springs and some much needed warmth during our cold, cold winters. Liard River is the second largest natural hot spring in Canada. Who wouldn't want to soak in this surreal paradise?

Bay of Fundy // New Brunswick & Nova Scotia

The Bay of Fundy was named one of the seven wonders of North America so it only makes sense that it makes our list of Canada's coolest wonders too. The Bay has the highest and most extreme tidal range in the world, which explains its unique rock and island formations.

Cape Split // Nova Scotia

Cape Split Provincial Park Reserve offers seriously surreal views of cliffs and the Bay of Fundy. You can hike, picnic and see wildlife in this 447-hectare natural environment park. Obviously be super careful though and stay away from the edges of the cliff.

Fogo Island, Newfoundland and Labrador

Go to Fogo Island and be at the edge of the North Atlantic and North America. The island is home to lighthouses, museums, mini-houses and more. You thought having four seasons was cool? Fogo Island considers itself to have seven!

Iceberg Alley // Newfoundland

Pretty cool eh? You might think it's just another charming small town but wait...there's some icebergs casually chilling in the water. A very Canadian sight indeed.

Cavendish Beach // Prince Edward Island

Forget about white sand—Canada gives a unique twist. Cavendish Beach has sand with a cool reddish tint. Be unconventional; less people can probably say they've seen red sand.

Baffin Island // Nunavut

Ice, ice baby. Baffin Island is the largest island in Canada, and that's saying a lot considering how big our country is. Want to experience the true Canadian wilderness (and cold)? Head to this Arctic island for a one of a kind trip, with experiences like narwhal spotting!

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Abraham Lake // Alberta

In the winter, Abraham Lake freezes over and ice bubbles emerge, making for a beautiful scene. But be extra careful walking on the lake and DO NOT pop the bubbles—they are actually methane gas and could be explosive.

l’Île-Bonaventure-et-du-Rocher-Percé // Quebec

l’Île-Bonaventure-et-du-Rocher-Percé is located at the tip of Gaspé Peninsula. See unique natural and historic geography. You can hike, go wildlife watching, or do an underwater exploration.

Akshayuk Pass // Auyuittuq National Park, NU

Is this Canada or The Lord of the Rings? See the breathtaking Mount Thor while hiking in Auyuittuq National Park.

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Dempster Highway, Yukon

Lucky for us, you don’t have to venture all the way north to Alaska to see the beautiful aurora of the Northern Lights. The Dempster Highway, the highway to the Arctic, offers views and wildlife you can’t see anywhere else but in the province.

Moraine Lake // Alberta

Canada has tons of pristine lakes and this is definitely one worth seeing. Moraine Lake is located in Banff National Park, which has several hiking trails for you to explore!

Coteau Hills // Saskatchewan

Hills on hills on hills. You thought Saskatchewan was flat? You thought wrong—The Coteau Hills is a unique spot in Saskatchewan that offers views of rolling hills.

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