15 Of The Best Cheap Eats In Vancouver For $15 Or Less

Most of these are under $10!
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15 Of The Best Cheap Eats In Vancouver For $15 Or Less

If you care about saving for a house in this economy then you need to start pinching your wallet now. I try to incorporate cheaper ways of living in most aspects of life. And LBH, being in your twenties and living in Vancouver usually means that you go out for food at least once or twice a week, but where you go can make all of the difference.

Don't make the mistake of dining at expensive restaurants all the time. This will definitely come back to bite you when you actually need savings in the future. If you decide that you need to meet your friends for dinner or grab lunch because you forgot to bring food to work, then check out these super cheap eats in Vancouver for $15 or less!

La Taqueria Pinche Taco Shop

Where: Various locations

Type: Mexican, Tacos

What we recommend: $7 Atun Taco, $2.40 Rajas Con Crema Taco

Why you should go: I love this taco shop because of their quality tacos. It's definitely trendy, so you can take cute grams and snack on delicious tacos at the same time.


Where: Various locations

Type: Japanese fusion

What we recommend: $4.75 Terimayo

Why you should go: You need to try these amazing Japanese style hot dogs. There's nothing else like it in Vancouver. The fusion of flavours is something you've probably never tried before.

Nero Belgian Waffle Bar

Where: 1703 Robson St // Downtown

Type: Belgian, Waffles

What we recommend: $8.90 Fruity Waffles, $7.50 Orange Mousse Waffles

Why you should go: Nero knows waffles. These Belgian style waffles are perfectly crispy and airy at the same time. You can't beat their waffles or their amazing toppings.

La Mezcaleria

Where: 1622 Commercial Dr // East Vancouver and 68 E Cordova St // Gastown

Type: Mexican

What we recommend: $12 Guacamole and Chips, $12 Ceviche Callejero

Why you should go: La Mezcaleria is known for their tasty Mexican cuisine and their unreal tequila selection. Even those these items are on the pricier end, they will not disappoint your taste buds.

Jinya Ramen Bar

Where: Various locations

Type: Japanese, Ramen

What we recommend: $11.80 Spicy Chicken Ramen

Why you should go: This one might be a bit more expensive than the others, but it's still under $15! Let me tell you, your tummy will feel warm and absolutely full after this meal.

The Famous Warehouse

Where: 989 Granville St // Downtown

Type: American

What we recommend: $4.95 Warehouse Crispy Mac N' Cheese

Why you should go: Everything on the menu is $4.95! You wouldn't expect much for a meal that is less than $5, but the famous warehouse does it right.

The Birds & The Beets

Where: 55 Powell St // Gastown

Type: Brunch, Sandwiches

What we recommend: $6 Avocado Slow Poached Egg Brioche Sandwich

Why you should go: This cute little cafe is super #instaworthy. You won't mind grabbing breakfast or lunch here because the food tastes amazing and the environment is sublime.

La Foret Bakery & Coffee

Where: 6848 Jubilee Ave // Burnaby

Type: Cafe, Brunch

What we recommend: $15 Waffle Platter

Why you should go: Grab a large lunch with a friend at La Foret. You can't beat their waffle platter, it comes with waffles, eggs, bacon and a side salad.

Momo Sushi

Where: 6-375 Water St // Gastown

Type: Japanese, Sushi

What we recommend: $13.95 Gangster Roll, $11.95 Spicy Tuna Sashimi

Why you should go: This is the cutest little sushi shop in Gastown. The atmosphere is super chill and the food tastes amazing! Perfect for a quick lunch or a long delicious dinner.

Finch's Tea and Coffee House

Where: 353 W Pender St // Downtown

Type: Sandwiches, Cafe

What we recommend: $10 Prosciutto Baguette, $8 Brie and Grape Baguette

Why you should go: Spend an idyllic afternoon sipping tea and munching down on some delicious artisanal sandwiches at Finch's. They are known for their scrumptious baguettes!

Legendary Noodle

Where: 906-6339 200 St // Langley and 1074 Denman St // Downtown

Type: Chinese, Dim Sum

What we recommend: $8 Ginger Beef, $8 Pork & Chives Dumplings

Why you should go: Legendary Noodle is legendary for their noodles ... and dim sum! You definitely need to try their totally affordable traditional recipes.

House of Dosas

Where: 1391 Kingsway // Kensington

Type: Indian, Dosa

What we recommend: $10.99 Mattar Paneer Alu Dosa

Why you should go: Dosas don't get as much recognition as butter chicken and naan, but they are super tasty. Dosas are perfectly thin and crispy and stuffed with delicious fillings. Everyone at some point in their life needs to try a dosa.

Meet On Main

Where: 12 Water Street // Gastown, 4288 Main Street // Vancouver

Type: Vegan, Vegetarian

What we recommend: $10.75 Chilli Cheez Fries, $9.75 Whiskey BBQ Things

Why you should go: You don't need to be vegan to enjoy the comforting foods at Meet on Main. If you love comfort foods but hate all the grease and fat, check out this deliciously healthy restaurant.


Where: 2280 Commercial Dr // East Vancouver

Type: Lebanese

What we recommend: $12 Fish Kebobs, $12 Hummus Trio

Why you should go: You need to check out this hummus heaven. If you need a break from your typical Vancouver restaurant spots, you need to check out this Middle Eastern gem.

Phnom Penh

Where: 244 E Georgia St // Chinatown

Type: Vietnamese, Cambodian

What we recommend: $8.50 Beef Noodle Soup, $14.50 Curry Frog Legs

Why you should go: If you haven't heard, Phnom Penh is phenomenal when it comes to Vietnamese food. They have been the go-to spot for ages in Vancouver's Chinatown.

Jasmine Girn
Editorial Operations Manager
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