BC is a place full of surreal mountains, the wild Pacific Ocean, and no shortage of amazingly talented people.

These photographers capture some of the best of BC and the world, and continue to inspire others with their talent, drive, and work.

The amount of talented Vancouver-based photographers is much more than I can include on this list, so this is just 15 of the many many amazing photographers based in Vancity, listed in no particular order. Make sure to check out their work on their social media and/or websites, you will be so happy that you did!

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Connor McCracken // @ccracken

Design Student, Landscape and Portrait Photography

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Will Selviz // @willselviz

Visual Artist Specializing in Festival and Live Music Photography

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Shari + Mike // @shariandmike

Wedding Photography

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Mattie Chan // @vancityphotographer and hopelessromantic.co

Wedding + Portrait Photography

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Cherihan Hassun // @cherihanphotography and cherihanphotography.com/

Adventure photographer. Constantly aiming to captures life's greatest moments.

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Annette Cheung // @annettescheung

Portrait Photography

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Christie Graham // @christiegrahamphotography

Wedding and Portrait Photographer


Sarah Pothecary //@alba.sarah

Wedding + Engagement Photography

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Ricardo Seah // @ricardography

Landscape and Portrait Photography

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Jenn Chan // @jennchanphotography

Events, Portraits, Travel, and Lifestyle Photography

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Aylynne Mitschke // @tayaphotography

Wedding Photography

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Stevin Tuchiwsky // @stevint

Outdoor Lifestyle Photographer

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Elizabeth Gadd // @elizabethgadd

Landscape and portrait photography


Valerie Hsu // @val.ry

Portrait Photographer

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James Youngson // @reptilionairephotography

Portrait Photography