15 Surreal Places In BC You Wont Believe Really Exist

A picturesque province.

As someone who has done a lot of travelling outside of Canada, I am always amazed at how many beautiful places are right here in our own backyard. From surf to snow, we sure are lucky to live in such a picturesque province. BC is the ultimate place for weekend adventures and if you're up for a road trip or even just a short hike, BC is the place for you.

Here are 15 more reasons for us to brag about BC: 

1. Haida Gwaii

2. Yoho National Park

Photo Cred - @grantordelheid

 3. The Bugaboos

4. Spotted Lake

 5. Bowron Lake

6. Joffre Lake

7. Tofino

8. Mount Robson Provincial Park

9. St. Marks Summit

10. Mount Cheam

Photo Cred - @sprintervanlife

11. Garabaldi lake

12. Buntzen Lake

13. Crown Mountain

14. Pemberton Ice Caves

15. Hot Springs Cove Tofino, BC

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