Yay you! You finally have a day off but all your best friends are either busy, working, or off vacationing in Hawaii. And now your stuck at home reaching over for your laptop about to do some Netflixing... DON'T.

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You can still seize the day and have fun on your own, even if everyone else around you is busy. There are so many things to do in Vancouver and we've helped you find them, now all you've go to do is pick!

So here it is! Here are 15 fun things that you can do by yourself with your bored and all your friends are busy:

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1. Take a stroll through Granville Island Public Market.

Never underestimate the the solo adventures you could have at Granville Island! There are tons of adorable little boutique that sell random little knick knacks and delicious food stalls serving up incredible snacks. We 1000% recommend that you try Lee's Donuts.

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2. Soak up the summer sun at one of these secret beaches.

Grab that book you've been meaning to read for like years now, throw on your summer seventeen playlist and enjoy the Vancouver sun on a secret beach while it lasts. There's nothing better than enjoying some "me" time on a quiet, secluded beach.

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3. Watch a movie in D-Box.

Who needs friends to watch a movie? I mean seriously, it's not like you can talk during the movie anyway. But don't just watch a movie, do it in D-Box! The chairs in D-Box cinemas available at various Cineplex locations move so it makes you feel like you're a part of the action.

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4. Challenge yourself by hiking the Grouse Grind.

You'd be surprised by the amount of people that actually hike on their own up the Grouse Grind. Set a record for yourself and try to beat it everytime you hike up this summer. You could even make it a Sunday morning workout ritual.

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5. Spend an entire day thrift shopping at these spots.

If you shop with your friends often, you know it's really just an awful lot of waiting for your friend in the change room while you scroll through Instagram. Go shopping by yourself! Better yet, do some thrifting and be amazed by the awesome finds!

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6. Unleash your inner cat lady and play with some kittens at Catfé.

Catfé is not your averge coffee shop. This coffee shop/foster home for cats is heaven for all cat lovers. Bring your laptop to do some work as you pet some kittens with one hand and sip your cuppa joe with the other.

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7. Admire some art at the Vancouver Art Gallery.

The VAG is offering $5 off all general admission tickets until June 23, and if you have nothing to do on Tuesdays, you definitely want to go on Tuesday because admission is by donation (*cough* free *cough*). Enjoy the art and go at your own pace.

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8. Take a free yoga class in Kits.

From June 1 to 23, Mat Collective is hosting free yoga classes at Kits beach. There will be plenty of yoga enthusiasts and novices who will be there, so maybe make some new friends while your other friends are busy.

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9. Be a bookworm at the MacCleod's bookstore.

Spend your entire day sitting in piles and piles of books that are stacked eye-high at MacCleod's. They've got anything and everything from vintage copies of Homer's Odyssey to used prices of Mindy Kaling's autobiography.

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10. Go for a bike ride along the sea wall.

Nothing clears your mind more than a nice solo bike ride along the Stanley Park sea wall as you take in the incredible Vancouver views and feel the summer breeze

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11. Give yourself some relaxing TLC in a sensory depravation tank.

Now this is something you REALLY don't need a friend for. Floatation therapy in a sensory depravation tank basically allows you to relax all your muscles and detach yourself from all your senses to be at the most relaxed your body and mind can be. Try out spots like Float House and Pure Float. They also almost always have Groupons available, so keep your eyes peeled for those.

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12. Stop by Konbiniya and treat yourself to a stacked matcha parfait.

Konbiniya's little window off the side of their shop serves some of the yummiest matcha soft serve and matcha parfaits in the city. Stop by the window and pick up a little sweet treat for yourself, you deserve it. And the best part, you don't have to share. 😈

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13. Explore the many colorful murals in the city.

Grab your camera and start snapping away! There are soooo many incredible murals scattered across the city, you just have to go and find them! Make it a day's adventure and go on a little scavenger hunt for these spots.

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14. Go on a Tinder date for fun and take them on one of these dates.

You ask "why?", we say "why not?" I mean you're bored anyway. Go out and meet some people and take them on a non-awkward date, like a boardgame bar, or a hike, or even a milkshake date with Jenga.

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15. Take a dance class at Harbour Dance.

With all this free time on your hands, why not pick up a new hobby? All classes (except workshops) are drop-in, so take a few classes and finally learn how to dance to your favourite Drake track at the club without looking like a fool.