15 Things Vancouverites Do Better Than Any Other City

And it's hard not to love us.
15 Things Vancouverites Do Better Than Any Other City

Vancouver (or Vancity) is the Canadian gateway to the Pacific, at the heart of Asia, the US and Europe. It is a green and multi-cultural city known for its natural charm. Vancouver put starts in my eyes from the day I arrived at the airport. As a new Vancouverite the first thing I did is get in touch with people: people always make life better.

In Vancouver, not only have I found a great diversity of people but I have also met the most talented and open minded people. In 15 points, let me sum up what Vancouverites do better than any other city:

1. Vancouverites are on top of fashion trends

Vancouverites are the only ones that stay fashionable during winter seasons. Elsewhere in Canada when temperatures flirt with minus 40, wearing a parka is the least sexy outfit. Elegance accompanies Vancouverites all year long.

2. They enjoy outdoor activities all year long

Surrounded by the mountains and close to the ocean, Vancouverites are passionate about outdoor activities. Spring is actually the best time of year for going on a hike in the morning and have dinner on the beach with your friends in the evening. Time to get tanned!

3. They care about protection of biodiversity

Enjoying one of the most famous aquariums worldwide, being surrounded by such a rich and diverse biodiversity, Vancouverites – whether they are vegan, vegetarian, pescetarian or omnivore they all value the protection of fauna and flora.

Photo cred - @naam

4. People living in Vancouver are all about healthy eating

Surrounded by nature, organic fruit markets are located all around the city, providing fresh and delicious fruits and veggies all year round.

5. Vancouverites have the best time-management skills

Living in an environmentally-friendly city, you are inclined to take public transportation - basically buses - Time becomes either your best friend or your worst enemy.

6. Vancouverites are forceful environmentalist

Vancouverites enhance a great amount of initiatives when it comes to protecting the environment. Leading towards a green city, numerous green associations are encouraging Vancouverites to get involved in diverse projects. Looking for volunteering position this summer, get applied !

7. Vancouverites are the most open-minded and tolerant people

Cultural discrimination is an unfamiliar concept in a city where 52% of the population for whom English is not native language.

8. Vancouverites have the best at cooking (and eating) Asian foods

From China to South East Asia including Japanese or Korean restaurants, Vancouverites are expert when it comes to Asian cuisines. The story says that Vancouver is actually the best place to eat Asian food because of the native cooking skills coming from the large Asian population and the quality of the products.

Photo cred - @ilnurkhayrullin

9. They value good living condition

Walking in Downtown East Side made you realize how difficult life can get when falling into drugs. Vancouverites do understand the consequences of addictions and the value of good living conditions.

10. They are born with accounting skills

Let’s be real folks, Vancouver is one of the most expansive city on the Earth. Still, living Vancouver improves your accounting skills better than any business courses.

11. They are used to be around celebrities

And, they are so used to it, they don’t even show off about it. Crossing the street next to Jamie Dornan turning Dark Shades Grey right now is very common.

12. There is an ongoing competition of the healthiest Vancouverite

Whether you are going, weekdays or weekend, people love working out.

13. They mastere the art of being sexy with an umbrella

I call it “fashionella”.

Photo cred - @juanderlusting

14. In such a large and dynamic city, Vancouverites always find something to do and never meet the same people

Amazing when you want to avoid your ex….

15. They are all coffee savvy

Waking up at 11, go working out and get a coffee with you friends, that's the perfect weekend routine for Vancouverites. Tell us what's your favorite café!

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