16 Clear Signs You’re Meant To Stay In Vancouver Forever Or Move ASAP

Love it or leave it.
16 Clear Signs You’re Meant To Stay In Vancouver Forever Or Move ASAP

Vancouver is a beautiful city from every angle. We have been put on the map because of our breathtaking mountain views and stunning ocean front. But we're also known for ridiculous housing prices that make it even more unaffordable to live in than Manhattan.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm in love with this city, but when people say they're tired of Vancouver, I can see why. If you're doing the same things every day, every month, every year, any city can get boring. And sometimes you just need a change of pace in your life.

Even for myself, as much as I can't get enough of our beautiful views and the incredible food scene, I still feel like I could live life somewhere else and try something new for a change. I've grown up and lived in Vancouver my entire life, so I'd like to think of myself as an "insider"... whatever that might mean to you. But I also always feel like I'm due for a challenge in life, moving somewhere completely foreign where I don't know a single person, place, nor thing.

If you're like me and have had thoughts of moving away from Vancouver, you might want to use this list as a guide or even a test to see whether you should leave Vancouver or not. If you love the half-city, half-nature vibe of Vancouver with the laid-back lifestyle then maybe this city is perfect for you. But if you're craving a new adventure filled with a fast-paced rhythm and foreign experiences that will challenge you, then perhaps it's time to make the move.

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Stay In Vancouver Forever: You hike the Grouse Grind every summer and Quarry Rock winter.

Hiking is just your shit. Whether it's summer or winter, your down to strap on your hiking boots and treck up a mountain side for a sick view point or do a brisk walk around a lake just to feel the wind in your face. You've done all the hikes like Quarry Rock, The Chief, Grouse, Dog Mountain, and they still never get old. And no one blames you, because Vancouver truly is one of the most naturally beautiful places on earth. From the stunning mountains to the vast blue oceans, we have it all.

Move ASAP: You've conquered literally all of Vancouver's hidden gems.

Vancouver is home to many jewels and hidden gems. From adorable coffee shops and secret restaurants to cool places even locals have never heard of, there's something new to discover every week. But if you're a true insider and you are in the know about everything under and overrated, hyped and and under-hyped, and these "hidden gems" have become "old gems", it might be time to leave and discover a new city with new treasures.

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Stay In Vancouver Forever: You can get enough of Vancouver's tastiest restaurants and cafes.

Another reason why you love Vancouver is because the food here is such so bomb. This city may be no London or New York, but the food scene sure does make you feel like you're in a mega big city with even bigger chefs. You have so many food options here from hearty comfort foods to fresh Pacific Ocean seafood, who would want to go anywhere else for good food?

Move ASAP: The Richmond Night Market fails to excite you.

The Richmond Night Market is probably one of Vancouver's most iconic events during the summer. It's one of North America's biggest Asian night markets with over 200 vendors serving up the best street food. If that doesn't do the job for you, maybe it's time to actually head over to Asia for the real thing. Taiwan for food anyone?

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Stay In Vancouver Forever: The view from Cypress View Point still takes your breath away every time.

Let's be honest, Vancouver is beautiful from every angle. Whether your on the streets of Gastown, the beaches of English Bay or at the top of Cypress Mountain, you can't get enough of the city's views and something about it keeps bringing you back... even if the drive does make you a little sick. If every mountain top you visit still takes your breath away, then you were truly meant to be in Vancouverite.

Move ASAP: "Unique things to do" in Vancouver aren't unique to you anymore.

Old abandoned trestles, go-karts, Hawaiian tiki rooms... I'd have to say that all these things are pretty damn cool. But if all you can hear is "boring" ringing in your ears, it may be time to change locations. When even the most unique and unusual yet fun things to do in the city become boring to you, it might be time for you to embark on a new adventure in a new place with new things to do and things to see.

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Stay In Vancouver Forever: You love the chill, laid-back Vancouver lifestyle.

Whatever way you put it, Vancouver is not a "big city"... it's more like a "medium-sized city". But that's probably the reason you love it -  you can drive all the way to Port Coquitlam and Minnekhada Park for a hike and get some quiet time, or you can head into downtown during rush hour and feel the busy bodies rushing up and down the streets. But really, the city never gets too crazy. Even the latest nightclubs close around 3, and you like it that way.

Move ASAP: You crave the life lived in the fast lane.

Again, Vancouver is not a "big city". If you're boiling with frustration with the fact that people walk way to slow, there's no Uber, and you just can't seem to shake the feeling that our city is just a bit behind, you might need to move to a more fast-paced city like New York, Hong Kong or Tokyo. The West Coast life might just be a little too chill and relaxed for you. I mean, you're young! Who's to blame you if you want to live life at lightning speed?

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Stay In Vancouver Forever: You've become accustomed to and have even learned to love the rain.

Whoever first coined the term "Raincouver" wasn't playing games. Vancouver truly is rain city. Out of 12 months of the year, 9 of them are absolutely pouring. But that doesn't stop you, in fact, you've become accustomed to and have even learned to love the rain. You don't mind busting out the Hunters or your waterproof North Face jackets. You're okay with rain that comes out of nowhere because you pretty much always have an umbrella on you somewhere. Plus, you've found fun things to do in the city even when it's raining cats and dogs outside.

Move ASAP: You fvcking hate rain and can't wait to get out.

You're so over it. You will find any and every excuse to get out of Vancouver... especially during winter, spring and fall. If it's not summer in Vancouver, you're not feeling it. If these are your constant sentiments about the city, perhaps its time you went somewhere hotter and drier.

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Stay In Vancouver Forever: Going to The Peak Of Christmas has become a tradition.

If you love skiing and snowboarding and heading up to Grouse during the holidays for The Peak Of Christmas, you are a true Vancouverite at heart. You love it when it snows in Vancouver (though it doesn't snow all that much) and you just can't get enough of how festive the city gets when Christmas rolls around.

Move ASAP: Just the sound of "Vancouver Christmas Market" makes your skin crawl.

Vancouver's Christmas Market is probably one of the biggest events of the holiday season in the city. If this massive Christmas market fails to excite you, the one even that makes the winter season the happiest and most wonderful time of the year then you're probably super over Vancouver in general. Now, it might be partially due to the fact that Vancity's winter weather is just absolutely miserable, but if it is, maybe time to hit up another city with better weather that's less slushy in December.

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Stay In Vancouver Forever: You love how Vancouver is super close to the States.

Doing a road trip down do the States is legit your favourite thing ever. You've driven down to Seattle, Portland, even all the way to LA in your car, and you love that it's so close. If you enjoy the convenience of living just off the border on the West Coast, then Vancouver is defs your city.

Move ASAP: You're always planning your next trip out of Vancouver.

Being across the border from the States just isn't enough for you. You crave foreign and cross-cultural experiences. The States might as well just be the same as Vancouver to you - English speaking living in a North American way of life. If this is how you're feeling, you might need to head wayyyyy out far over the ocean to Europe, Asia or even Australia.

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Stay In Vancouver Forever: You think Vancouver is genuinely just one of the coolest cities in the world.

Maybe you grew up here, maybe you moved from another city - whatever it is, you just love Vancouver and you would never ever leave. From great people in the city to funky spots all over town, amazing restaurants to awesome bars, you've decided that this place is just your jam. You've made friends here, found love here, and Vancouver is now home.

Move ASAP: You're simply completely and utterly BORED of Vancouver.

Whether it's because you've never left and you're bored AF or you've just been to too many other cities and countries, Vancouver just leaves you unsatisfied. This can happen when you do the same things every day, month, and year. Routinely doing the same fall hikes and summer patios, just doesn't excite you anymore. You're totally over Vancouver and want a new adventure in your life. Head somewhere different, meet new people, and try out different things!

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