Everyone remembers their first date. Or, if it went really poorly, you skip and choose to remember your first significant other. You've probably noticed though, that dating changed drastically from when you were a teenager. Maybe you thought it was so much easier back then. All you had to do is like the same movies or the same kind of music, and that pretty much made you a couple. 

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Nowadays, dating in a completely different ball game. It doesn't help either that we live in Vancouver, a city full of beautiful people and amazing things to do. It's definitely fun and amazing meeting all these people, but it's not without the effort (and sometimes struggles). So reminisce, laugh and (possibly) cringe at the differences in dating in Vancouver, in your teens and twenties. 

1. Going downtown for dates. 

As a teenager, you would've loved to go to the Revolver for coffee. Now? You've been a few too many times, and going downtown for a random Tinder date seems like a little bit too much effort.

2. Former private school students actually have to worry about what to wear. 

Maybe this only applies to private school kids, but for those who went to St. Thomas Moore or Mulgrave, an after-school date in your uniform was perfectly acceptable. Sorry to break your bubble, can't really do that anymore.

3. The idea of long-distance just got amplified. 

In high school, long distance meant you went to school in North Van and he/she went to school in West Van. But with university, work and tinder, your date might live in *god forbid* Maple Ridge. Hell, even Richmond is far from the Vancouver bubble.

4. You can't fully rely on the seabus or skytrain for commuting. 

Will we seabus or skytrain there? How about driving. Sure, you'll have the occasional date where you both agree to take public transit, but in your twenties there's a way heavier emphasis on being able to drive (and pick them up).

5. Having a car also means no worrying about catching a late bus. 

Because how lame is it when your date (which was going really well) had to be cut off so you don't miss that late bus or last skytrain? Just hope they don't have a curfew.

6. Your standard of dates just went from 'Metrotown food court' to Cactus Club.  

And we mean Cactus Club at the bare minimum. It's important to make a good first impression, and besides, since when was exploring fine dining ever a bad thing? You can still go to McDonald's, just maybe not the first date.

7. Speaking of Cactus Club, how many times have you been in the past few weeks? 

If it's food you both agree on, just don't fight it. Spending time together is important and eating yam fries is importanter.

8. You actually have to get creative with your date ideas. 

The majority of your dates don't take place in Metrotown or Park Royal anymore, so you'll have to get creative. You could always suggest the Seawall if you want to seem outdoorsy.

Or, you could get some ideas here.

9. On the plus side, at least there are a billion bars you can go to. 

In the absolute worst case scenario, you can always take them to a bar. Do yourself a favor and hunt for the classier ones, or maybe check this list.

10. The concept of 'your type' evolves even more based on the Vancouver demographic. 

Your type has evolved beyond the high schools and finding skaters at the Zumiez at Park Royal. Oh yes, now you can find the Hipsters in East Van, the preps in West End. The list goes on.

Need some help finding your type? Try this list.

11. Universities in other provinces create an entirely new dynamic. 

Maybe you're just looking for a summer fling? Or one or two friendly dates with a new guy or gal. Well lucky for you, the summer brings all the students who've been off at McGill or U of T home for some fun.

12. You're no longer guaranteed to see your significant other on a daily basis. 

Huge bummer. Because now that work and adulting are actual things, you're not 'guaranteed' to see her during free period. Hell, that doesn't even exist anymore. Thank God for Snapchat am I right?

13. A date at Stanley Park means your date is either really outdoorsy or just trying to be. 

You can never really tell either. It's impossible to know at first glance whether they're actually into being active or sporty, or just trying to convey the idea.

14. It's actually okay to revisit all those spots your went to as a child. 

Sure, you might've gotten tired of going to the Aquarium or Science World with your parents. But as a date? Hey that's not a bad idea. It's a throwback. People find that fun right?

15. Alcohol plays into driving, behaviour and the cost of dates. 

As much as you'd love to crush frozen bellinis, that might not be the classiest thing to do in front of your date. At least not until you're comfortable with each other. And it adds up too. Don't be that person to rack up an alcohol bill and make the other pay!

16. Twenty-Five year olds aren't necessarily old.. or established.

Oh, those days when we though that twenty-five was old and you'd be established. Surprise!! They're really not that old, and a lot of them are still trying to adult. But hey, so are you. So it works out!