With August being less than a few days away, it means there's a lot to look forward to (and prepare for)! The Fair at the PNE returns, the Celebration of Lights will soon be upon us - and so will the ever-crowded and ever-hectic Aritzia Warehouse Sale

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It's the absolute best time for females to get their shopping fix, as well as grab essentials for the upcoming year. Which could really just mean getting a decent coat - we do live in Raincouver after all. 

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If you're all about the thrill of the hunt, the satisfaction of finding amazing deals and are willing to brave a crowd, you best get ready now! This years sale will again be held at the Vancouver Convention Centre in early September. Tentative dates are from September 1st to 5th, from 7am-9pm. 

Already excited? Ready to text your friends and get a game plan going? Well not without some tips! Here are some pointers and must-knows to make the most of the Artizia Warehouse Sale! 

1. The sale will only accept cash, debit, Visa, Mastercard & Amex, NOT gift cards. 

You can use those gift cards from last Christmas another time.

2. Lines start as early as the night before or in the dead of morning, so think about how hard you want to go. 

And don't be surprised if you're 7 AM meetup time at Waterfront doesn't cut it.

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3. Speaking of, lines can be long, so be sure to bring some form of entertainment. 

Trust us, you will get bored of scrolling through Facebook and Instagram.

4. Be sure to bring snacks for said line, or have a designated "food-runner". 

Nobody likes shopping on an empty stomach, and nobody likes being miserable in line. Easy as that.

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5. Get a team together, the sale is more fun (and more efficient) with your BFFs!

One goes for the coats, one goes for the sweaters, and one goes for the denim.

6. Try to have some sort of budget set - the longer you're in the sale, the more likely you'll spend more. 

You could always sell your kidney to fund the sale... or of course just save in advance.

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7. Wear thin clothes, it'll give you the chance to try things on over top and it'll be boiling hot in the building. 

Forget the layers for a day. We're about getting the deals and getting out. Tights and a tank top are probably the best way to go.

8. Ditch the large bag and coat, it'll only bite you back later. 

You could end up getting stuck in coat check! And congratulations, you just played yourself.

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9. Be prepared with a small umbrella if necessary. We can't emphasize small enough. 

It is September after all. And we do live in Raincouver.

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10. If you see something you like, grab it! Chances are it won't be there the next time. 

You'll be given a large shopping bag. Grab what you like, run to a corner, and sort. Rinse, repeat, done.

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11. Coats are easily the best place to start - even if it takes up the majority of your time. 

You'll likely be wearing coats from September to late March or May. Even if you only walk of with one, it's so practical that you'll thank yourself later.

12. Scarves are hard to find at the sale, if you see some, get after it!

You'll be lucky to find one, and you'll be happy you bought it.

13. Start with what's most practical (coats and accessories) and go from there. 

What's worse than walking out empty-handed? Walking out with a million impulse purchases that'll rot away in your closet.

14. Be courteous to other shoppers and to Aritzia employees. 

As much of an adrenaline rush as it is, let's not make it extremely difficult for the employees and other shoppers there.

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15. Aritzia holds an exclusive friends and family night that requires a pass to gain access to.

Now might be a good time to reconnect with that one girl you hung out with once or twice. Maybe she'll be nice to you.

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16. If you decide to bring your boyfriend or male friend, ensure that he's well fed, watered, and rewarded for his services after. 

We get hungry too y'know. And it's not like Aritzia has a men's section.