If you're anything like me, from time to time, you're definitely guilty of falling into the rut of eating at the same three restaurants on rotation. But then again, how could you even?!?! How could I even? How could you fathom eating the same thing all the time when Vancouver's food scene is just so freakin' happening?!

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To help you get out of your rut, if you ever dare get into one, we've compiled a list of amazing restaurants in Vancouver that you absolutely have to try in 2017 if you haven't already. They are all gems and totally great ideas for birthdays, anniversaries, date ideas, even wedding venues!

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Brix & Mortar // 1138 Homer St.

Well known for their courtyard sanctuary with twinkle lights, chandeliers and arabesque vine walls, Brix & Mortar is the classy and elegant Yaletown spot. Don't leave without trying their Mulled Guinness topped with cream and lucky charms.

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Nightingale // 1017 W Hastings St

Nightingale, David Hawkworth's second restaurant, is always buzzing with energy and good vibes. The super gorgeous restaurant is perfect for a girl's night out, with delicious tapas and an excellent wine menu.

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Chambar // 568 Beatty St

This neighbourhood classic has been around for years and for good reason! It's an absolute gem, from the rustic but modern interior, the lively atmosphere, to serving some of the best brunch in the city.

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Notch8 // 900 W Georgia St

Glamorous and sexy, elegant and classy - located in the lobby of the Fairmont Vancouver Hotel, Notch8 is an ideal spot for a drink after work or during happy hour.

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Bar Oso // 150-4222 Village Square, Whistler

Only having just opened last year in Whistler, this Spanish tapas bar has already made quite a name for itself. Not only is the space extremely aesthetically pleasing, their menu is to die for. Word has it, the foie gras parfait in their charcuterie menu is like having died and gone to heaven.

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Royal Dinette // 905 Dunsmuir St

This French Asian bistro has definitely got the downtown brasserie vibe. With a farm-to-table inspired menu and unorthodox, eclectic dishes, if you haven't been to Royal Dinette, you're definably going to want to pay a visit.

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Osteria Savio Volpe // 615 Kingsway

This new Mount Pleasant gem is what Dean Martin would call amore. Though the name "osteria" might mean simple and inexpensive Italian, this spot is quite the contrary. The menu is absolutely outstanding and the interior is modern and intricately designed. You're definitely going to want to put this one on your foodie bucket list.

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Mission // 2042 W 4th Ave

Opened by Top Chef Curtis Luk and previous Fable general manager Chase McLeod just under two years ago, Mission is a neighbourhood favourite serving an impeccable à la carte menu and amazing cocktails.

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Olive + Ruby // 2839 W Broadway

The perfect go-to spot for UBC students in between classes, Olive and Ruby might not exactly be a restaurant, but the cafe is so freaking gorgeous we just had to include it. Along with the inviting wall of adorable plants, their healthy menu of quick bites is just as green.

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Anh and Chi // 3388 Main St

The new Anh and Chi is serving up modernized Vietnamese cuisine alongside an exotic and refreshing space so appropriately located on Main St. You're definitely not going to want to miss out on this one in 2017.

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The MacKenzie Room // 415 Powell St

Brass chandeliers, exposed brick walls, peeling wallpaper and vintage kitchen ware, The MacKenzie Room not only offers a unique, rustic, ugly-beautiful vibe but also delicious food and incredible service. Their menu is always changing so check out what's new and fresh on their chalkboard!

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Afghan Horsemen // 1833 Anderson St

There is genuinely nothing like it. With the authentic Afghan food, super soft pillows and incredibly warm and welcoming staff, Afghan Horsemen will transport you to another world. Why can't more restaurants have a million cushions and ground seating?!

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Belgard Kitchen // 55 Dunlevy Ave

A distillery, brewery and restaurant hybrid, the Belgard Kitchen is literally a school gym sized building serving some of the best brunch, like, ever. The space is super cool and unique, but you're definitely going to a reso if you decide to go on a weekend afternoon.

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Kissa Tanto // 283 E Pender St

This new Japanese-Italian restaurant is one you absolutely must, must, must go to. Their interior has got this super old school, retro, sexy vibe to it, and their menu could not be more playful and exotic. We recommend trying their fried olives and Sedanini.

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L'Abattoir // 217 Carrall St

This super fancy shmancy Gastown is totally worth every penny. Their menu is carefully curated and their cocktail list is the lovechild of Vancouver drink geniuses. FYI - you're definitely going to need a reso.

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Boulevard // 845 Burrad St

You've walked passed Boulevard a million times on your way to the Scotiabank theatre or the IGA down the street and have always wondered what's behind those elegant European style restaurant windows. Magic - that's what's behind those doors, serving supreme quality seafood, providing a glamorous atmosphere, and top quality service. If you don't mind breaking the bank a little or you happen to be able to afford the luxury, you have to make Boulevard your next special occasion restaurant.

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