I've always wanted to work in a coffee shop: guilty of a severe addiction to caffeine. Learning how to make lattes and Americanos drew my curiosity. When I finally got a position in one of Vancouver's trendy cafes, I could not be more excited.

One great thing about working in a Vancouver cafe is people: whether it's your co-workers or customers, the wide diversity of people passing by a cafe is crazy! I met the most interesting and original people there! From the hurried businessmen taking a daily black Americano to the cat-lady with the orange pekoe tea with 1% milk, without forgetting the talented drawer and his addiction to vanilla-hazelnut lattes. Cafes are the best places to grasp the spirit of Vancouver.

Choosing between being waitress or barista, I definitely prefer making cappuccino for the rest of my life! If you're looking for a job, here is a taste of the experience you'll gain when working in Vancouver cafe:

1. There actually is a difference between a cappuccino and a latte

You've learned the hard way by practicing hundreds of time to master the art of steaming milk (latte) and foaming milk (cappuccino).

2. Your bae has learned to cop with you coffee perfume

Forget about those moments when you were spending two hours get ready before going out with you partner. All the Bodyshop exfoliant won't take away this coffee perfume.

3. You'll hang out at the cafe even when you're not working

Because free coffee.

4. You find yourself betting with your co-workers on the next drink coming up

At that game, I'm always loosing as I am really bad at judging people based on their look.

5. AVancouverites' favourite drink is a vanilla latte

And you'll be so bored making lattes all day that you'll be praying to make a cappuccino.

6. The confusion in your eyes when customers ask for a fork & knife to eat a sandwich

If anyone could explain to me that confusing sociological behaviour please?

7. You only drink  fancy and crazy drinks

Lattes are too mainstream. My favourite: a chai latte with 1 pump vanilla syrup, 1 pump ginger syrup, cinnamon/nutmeg on top and with almond milk of course.

8. Your grocery budget has tremendously decreased

Thanks to Vancouver food security rules, wrapped food cannot be sold a day after products were displayed. Free food in Vancouver, anyone?

9. You make lame jokes about coffee

"Men are like ... coffee. The best ones are rich, hot, and can keep you up all night."

10. Drawing a "maple leaf" with steamed milk is your #1 goal in life

And only Vancouver baristas understand the struggle.

11. You'll find yourself singing Justin Bieber with your co-workers at closing time

Let's not forget the broom dance that comes with it. Next step, Peak Invitational competition.

12. You'll learn a lot about the daily struggle of human beings

"Do you have coffee here? " You don't want to know how many time I've been asked this question.

13. You become the master of cleaning bathrooms and floors

But that rule is not applicable at home. Sorry roommates.

14. People unwilling to make the effort of throwing coffee cups and lids in two different bins pisses you off

When in living in Vancouver, recycling is not an option.

15. You spend A LOT of money on hand cream

Don't even think of going to Bling Nail Studio to get a manicure.

16. You spot the cute guys in town

That's the best benefit of working in a cafe: everyone loves coffee, and especially the good-looking men of Vancouver. Work on your customer service!

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